SHOT Show 2023: Sharps Bros P365 Grip Module

Sharps Bros gives us a product to make the Sig P365 even better looking. This grip module is made from durable aluminum and has beautiful Brazilian cherry grip panels. As many shooters prefer aluminum over polymer on their pistol frame, this is a beautiful way to make that change on your P365 lineup of guns.

The aluminum grip module with cherry grips is a beautiful way to enhance your P365 lineup. This is a direct replacement of the SIG P365X/XL grip module but can fit any 365 slide. (Photo: Sharps Bros)


Machined from billet 7075-T6 Aluminum with Mil-Spec black anodized finish and Brazilian Cherry grip panels.


  • Enhanced trigger-guard geometry with undercut and finger grooves for improved comfort and control.
  • Ambidextrous gas pedals (both sides). This allows for a thumb ledge and a natural indexing point regardless of dominant hand.
  • The stock Sig module is 1.1″ wide in the grip, our module is 1.3″ wide allowing for a more robust feel in the hand without compromising concealability.
  • M1913 Picatinny accessory rail.
  • Flared magazine well.
  • Weight: The OEM polymer X/XL grip module weighs approx. 1.4oz. Our grip module with wood panels weighs approx. 4.3 ounces. The extra ~3ounces is hardly (if at all) noticeable while holstered, but while shooting, the few extra ounces helps reduce felt recoil.
  • Direct replacement of the Sig Sauer OEM standard polymer P365X and P365XL grip module.
  • Any model P365 slide (P365, P365X, P365XL or P365 X-Macro) is compatible with the Sharps Bros grip module.

Please Note:

  • Fire Control Unit not included.
  • This grip module will NOT work with the Manual Safety FCU.
  • Magazine release assembly not included. Reuse your stock mag release assembly or purchase a new one from Sig.
sharps bros grip module with 365 slide
Make sure to note the specifics of this grip module and what can and cannot work with it, such as that this grip module will not work with a manual safety FCU. Also, note that the mag release assembly is not included. Your original can be used though. (Photo: Sharps Bros)

The Sharps Bros grip module is still coming soon but will retail for around $280.00. 

Steph Martz is a Veteran of the full time MNARNG force as a Small Arms Repairer and worked to bolster their marksmanship team. Mainly a technical writer and gunsmith within the Federal world she comes with many armorer classes under her belt such as KAC, Glock, every FN weapon in the book, and Small Arms Weapons Expert (SAWE). So, sorry to bore you with the knowledge that actually make firearms shoot. Currently heavily into the long range world she competes in National Rifle League Hunter and various Gas Gun Precision Series.