Smith and Wesson CSX: Single Action Only 9mm Hybrid?

The Smith and Wesson CSX 9mm pistol will evidently be one of the new guns of 2022. A recent Reddit post caught and reported on by the Primer Peak blog contained a single photo of the new handgun. It was evidently a new product arriving at a local retailer and, given subsequent removal of social media posts (and a lack of comment from S&W) almost certainly a leak. 

The new Smith and Wesson CSX 9mm pistol (or so we believe based on current information).

The post, appropriately entitled Look, it’s not another M&P! was made by u/RAMRODtheMASTER late in the day on 12/30/21 in the r/guns subreddit. In the text accompanying that post — which as of this writing is the only information available and so may not be completely accurate —  advised the following: 

9mm, 10 and 12 round magazines, Single Action Only, Frame appears to be aluminum, Ambi safety and slide stop, Mag release appears to swap, 3 dot sights, M&P style backstraps

Trigger has a short travel but mildly stiff break. Trigger pull overall is not bad. The reset is atrocious though. False reset then real reset. Hope that wears out.

Haven’t shot it but it feels great in the hand as well as solid.

If this and available imagery is accurate, the CSX will be a Single Action Only (SAO) pistol without RDS accommodation or rail for a light. That said, we have just the one picture so far. There may very well be other models of CSX that do provide for a red dot sight, WML, or another accessory. 

Speculation that it uses Shield Plus magazines from another Reddit user was answered with, “Different mags, I tried.” 

If that’s correct, then the CSX will probably use proprietary magazines. 

CSX train on the move.
This is a much larger caliber CSX. Unlike other firearms, this CSX does actually have knockdown power. Even more so than WWII era 1911s and anything an ANGLICO would have to deal with. (PC@sdw788359)

Smith & Wesson has yet to acknowledge the CSX (much less provide details) but it’s a pretty good bet they’ll do something at (or more likely before) SHOT Show 2022 now that it’s been leaked. 

You can find their original article here:

Nice catch, Daniel Reedy! 

Grip and backstrap of the S&W CSX
As you can see, the grip and backstrap are (not surprisingly) very M&P-esque.
SW CSX: Alas, no rails.
Alas, no rails.
S&W CSX hammer
There will be many who decry the SAO trigger of the S&W CSX, but even the faintest hint of 1911ism will be a strong attraction to some.