Snakestaff Systems ETQ: Daily First Aid Carry

It’s true. Statistically, you’re more likely to need first aid tools such as a tourniquet far more often than your firearm. So if you carry a gun, are you also carrying an IFAK or, at least, a tourniquet? Snakestaff Systems ETQ (Everyday Carry Tourniquet) is made for daily carry and portability while remaining useful. There’s no excuse for not having a TQ on hand.

The Snakestaff Systems ETQ is 65 percent smaller than standard tourniquets. Seen here alongside a SIG P365 for size comparison. (Photo credit: Snakestaff Systems)

Snakestaff Systems provides details of their compact TQ:

It fits in most 9mm pistol magazine carriers, in just about any pocket, or even on a keychain.

Responsible citizens are statistically more likely to use a tourniquet than their everyday carry pistol; however, very few people carry a tourniquet. Most tourniquets are large and bulky, making them difficult or uncomfortable to carry on your person. We set out to fix that problem without sacrificing reliability.

The ETQ is packed with innovative features that solve common issues. Occasionally, tourniquet windlasses become displaced during emergency transportation. On the ETQ, a carabiner gate locks in the windlass making the tourniquet more secure. The ETQ also includes a chemlight that automatically snaps and activates when applied—a feature that helps first responders locate an injury in low light. Lastly, the ETQ’s windlass is extremely rigid and textured for positive retention and grip, even when coated in blood.

In our research, we found many civilians don’t know the proper way to apply a tourniquet. The ETQ has simple instructions printed on the product, along with a QR code that navigates the user to an easy-to-understand video tutorial. This video can successfully guide someone with zero medical experience through emergency tourniquet application.

Snakestaff ETQ tourniquet
The ETQ measures 37.5” long by 1” wide. (Photo credit: Snakestaff Systems)

Features of the ETQ include:

Carabiner windlass lock: Windlasses that are bumped and unwind in transport have proven deadly. Our patent-pending locking carabiner gate holds the windlass securely in place.

Textured Windlass: If you’re using a TQ, there will be slippery blood . . . a lot of it. Our textured windlass helps you get a grip in a life and death situation.

Chemlight: The included chemlight breaks upon application so first responders can see where TQ is applied at night.

Instructions: Simplified instructions are printed right on the TQ for those that don’t have medical experience or are in shock

Heavy-duty construction: Our product is manufactured in the U.S.A. with the utmost quality materials, making it durable and long lasting. In addition to our exhaustive testing in extreme conditions, we ran over the ETQ with a 6,500 pound dually and then immediately applied it and it still performed perfectly.

Water repellent: Unlike other TQ’s, the ETQ absorbs a minimal amount of water or sweat.

carabiner on tourniquet
The tourniquet has a carabiner windlass lock. (Photo credit: Snakestaff Systems)

This tourniquet is 37.5 inches long and 1 inch wide. It’s designed to be a super compact version of many widely available tourniquets, making it easier to carry on a daily basis, especially since all you really need to do is drop it in your pocket. There is even a chem light feature that activates when the tourniquet is applied, making it more visible to medics in low light or no light situations. A patent-pending carabiner windlass lock helps keep the windlass in place after application.

tourniquet next to magazine from handgun
According to the manufacturer, the tourniquet is the same approximate size as a Glock 19 magazine. (Photo credit: Snakestaff Systems)

Will this compact TQ find its way into your daily carry kit? Share your thoughts in the comments.

MSRP for the Snakestaff Systems ETQ is set at $32.00.