SnapSafe Premium Vault Doors – The Mag Life

SnapSafe has taken at-home firearm security to a whole new level. Their new Vault Door product line includes the 36” wide Premium Vault Door, available in white or dark grey.

SnapSafe has given the original Vault Door an upgrade with the Premium Vault Door. The door has an internal panel, is fire safe, and is compatible with standard door openings. [Photo credit: SnapSafe]

SnapSafe, a division of Hornady, has given consumers another option for their safe room, taking the original vault door and giving it an upgrade. The Premium Vault Door takes features from the original and added additional fire protection, more organization, and color choices.

The 36” door swings in towards the vault, safe room, or storm shelter area with an inside clearance of 31.4”, fitting more standard 36” door openings. It is constructed with a thick 12-gauge door, nine 1-inch live locking bolts, and an integrated steel trim finish for the exterior of the doorway.

The door height, like standard doors, is 81 inches or 6.75 feet, meaning it should fit easily into any build. The vault door features a UL Listed SecuRAM digital lock that has an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) proof mechanical key backup so you will always be able to gain access. The door also features a premium slip clutch handle that protects the locking mechanism against an outside forced entry.

The Premium Vault Door has SnapSafe’s Square-Lok organizing system on the interior of the door, like a peg board. This allows the user to add accessories to the panel for maximizing storage and configuration to how the end user wants. The Square-Lok internal panel is compatible with a full line of accessories from SnapSafe to help further organize items.

The SnapSafe Premium Vault Door has a premium matte finish in either dark grey or in off-white. Both options have a black chrome keypad with a 5-spoke turn handle. Additionally, the vault door is fire safe meaning things will stay safe, provided the rest of the vault is up to code. The system is complete with ten 5/16” x 3” lag screws, a ½” drive socket, and a socket wrench. The SnapSafe Premium Vault Door is available with an MSRP of $2,369.