Speer and CCI: Defensive Performance

Speer and CCI, both of which are owned by Vista Outdoor, are front-runners in the ammunition industry. Both brands are well known for producing quality products, whether for self-defense purposes, hunting, or plinking, and they constantly come out with innovative products. Two excellent examples of their dedication to quality are the CCI Clean-22 22 LR RN (round nose) and Speer Gold Dot G2 Carbine 9mm HP (hollow point). Although the two loads serve different purposes, they each perform well and deliver as promised.

CCI Clean-22 Purple and Speer Gold Dot Carbine ammunition are great options for dedicated shooters. (Photo: Vista Outdoor)

According to Speer, Gold Dot Carbine produces ideal velocities and is specially designed to deliver that performance out of carbine-length barrels. The ammo maker also states the rounds cycle flawlessly, which is a vital feature of defensive ammunition. This ammunition is made using the company’s G2-style, elastomer-filled bullet nose which is carefully tuned for effective penetration and reliable expansion, even when passing through common barriers. The 9mm load utilizes 135-grain hollow point bullets.

With the proliferation of carbines being used for home defense, as truck guns, or for hunting small predators and varmints, Speer Gold Dot G2 Carbine makes good sense. Having the right ammo in your gun for the task at hand is a must, and Speer’s Gold Dot line has proven itself for years on multiple fronts.

speer gold dot ammo
Speer Gold Dot Carbine is defensive ammunition designed for 9mm carbines. (Photo: Speer)

Jesse Whiteside, CCI and Speer’s Product Management Senior Director, said:

We are extremely proud of these two new product introductions. For the first time ever, defenders can get Speer Gold Dot’s legendary accuracy and terminal performance in ammunition built specifically for carbine platforms. Also, CCI rimfire shooters can now get all the benefits of Clean-22 technology with the flat trajectories and power of an extreme velocity load.

CCI Clean-22 22 LR RN is made to shoot cleaner so your gun doesn’t get as dirty. (Photo credit: Vista Outdoor)

If you’re a fan of 22 LR, CCI Clean-22 is a great addition to your ammo stockpile. These 31-grain rounds have purple polymer coatings on the bullets to prevent lead fouling and keep your gun cleaner, longer. Standard 22 LR tends to be incredibly dirty, so it’s nice to have a round made for the specific purpose of remaining clean. And, of course, these are CCI’s Hyper Velocity rounds, so they perform well, too. Whether you’re plinking cans or teaching a new shooter, CCI Clean-22 handles it well. In fact, these rounds work especially well in suppressed rimfires.

22 LR ammunition
A purple polymer coating on the bullets of CCI’s Clean-22 line means less barrel fouling. (Photo: CCI)

According to CCI, the Clean-22 22 LR with purple polymer produces an average velocity of 1550 fps (feet per second). As for Speer Gold Dot, the line is known for delivering solid ballistics and producing significant wound cavities on impact. Odds are you have at least one gun that could benefit from one of these loads.

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