Springfield Hellcat PRO Review and Comparison

The Springfield Armory line-up of micro-compact pistols has grown in recent years, starting with the Hellcat 9mm pistol. From there they introduced the RDP and most recently the Hellcat PRO micro-compact. Feeling a bit confused on the differences or if the Hellcat PRO is worth a look? Michael Chiarappa and the other find gents at Hunt Fish Shoot Youtube channel did a review, and quick comparison of the models, to help clear up the air.

Michael Chiarappa from Hunt Fish Shoot on Youtube gave a quick review of the new Springfield Armory Hellcat PRO. He also did a quick comparison between the original Hellcat pistol, RDP, and the Hellcat PRO.

Michael is a big fan of micro-compacts, and there are many to choose from on the market. He’s shot and carried Glock 48s and Sig 365XL, Sig X Compact, and so on. But the Springfield Armory Hellcat PRO has taken his heart.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat PRO is essentially a full-sized micro-compact if that makes any sense. Michael said that it feels like a full-sized grip for full-sized hands. The PRO comes standard with two 15-round magazines with a 3.8” barrel and longer slide that the original Hellcat. For him, SA really has a sweet piece when they came out with the PRO.

SA Hellcat PRO grip
Michael really loves the overall feel of the grip of the Hellcat PRO, saying that it felt like a full-sized pistol in the slim profile of a micro-compact. He, like commenters on the video, seem to really love that about the PRO.

The SA Hellcat PRO comes from the factory with the optics cut on the slide for all the usual red dot options. Additionally, the sights co-witness with the rear notch that Michael loves and the tritium fiber optic front sight. He says it is essentially an elongated Hellcat with a full-sized grip, but still in that slim profile. The slim profile, while like other micro-compacts, is very comfortable.

Michael also does a quick comparison video on the Hellcat, RDP, and Hellcat PRO. The original Hellcat has a shorter barrel and an 11-round magazine, but you can purchase aftermarket options if you need the round count. The Hellcat, like all SA pistols, have been nothing but reliable for Michael and his crew. While it is one of his favorite pistols, he also likes the RDP which has the compensator affixed to the barrel and has a similar barrel length to the PRO. Where they differ is the grip in that the RDP has a rougher grip and will start to get uncomfortable for your knuckles and pinky after a bit of shooting.

SA Hellcat PRO sights
The Springfield Armory Hellcat PRO, like the other micro-compact pistols from SA, has the notched rear sight along with the tritium optic from sight that co-witness with most all red dots on the market.

The PRO, Michael points out, is very comfortable to shoot and is really nice with the full grip on it. The PRO has the Gen 3 Hellcat trigger group that has a nice defined wall and a crisp and clean break with no creep.

Michael says that it, along with all the Springfield Armory micro-compact options, is an awesome package with two steel magazines. The PRO also boasts a lower Picatinny rail for mounting options.

Hellcat PRO feel in hand
Michael used to carry the Glock 48 exclusively and put nearly 1,200 rounds through it before switching over to the Sig and now to the Springfield Hellcat PRO. He said that the recoil and grip feel of the pistol is what sold him on the PRO option, as he’s demonstrating the feel in this shot.

Michael’s big takeaway from the video, as far as I could tell, is that he really loves the SA Hellcat PRO. He likes the way it feels in his hand and how it shoots compared to his previous carries of the Glock 48, Sig X Compact, and Sig 365XL. He thinks the SA pistols are hard to beat at their price point and they get the seal of approval from him.