Steiner Optics Releases Micro Pistol Sight Red Dot

Steiner Optics recently released their Micro Pistol Sight (MPS) Red Dot. They say it’s got 1X magnification offering an undistorted image for both eyes open operation, and it’s compatible with most optic-ready pistols and baseplate adapters on the market.

Micro Pistol Sight Red Dot. (Photo courtesy of Steiner Optics)

More about the new Micro Pistol Red Dot

Steiner brings battle-proven durability and mil-spec ruggedness to pistol red dots with the New MPS (Micro Pistol Sight). All-metal construction and enhanced sidewalls completely seal in the emitter. A recessed window with a metal hood blocks objects from reaching the front lens making this one of the toughest pistol sights ever created.

At 2.05 oz, the MPS is compact and lightweight offering Steiner quality glass and a robust feature set including 8 brightness levels, user-selectable auto-off, and 13,000 hours of battery life.

Steiner Optics MPS
MPS Micro Pistol Sight. [Photo courtesy of Steiner Optics]


  • Battle Proven Durability
    • The MPS boasts an enhanced extra side wall that produces a best-in-class shock rating. The completely enclosed laser emitter is water pressure tight making it reliable in the harshest environments and any weather condition.
  • Compact Size
    • Only 58g means the MPS is light and compact. Its short size avoids any “tunnel-vision” while the low weight allows a perfect use
  • Daylight Bright Dot
    • 8 brightness settings (two night vision) can easily be managed due to the ergonomics of the raised button on the side of the optic. The 3.3 MOA dot allows fast and smooth target acquisition in any condition.
  • Battery Life
    • The 13,000 hours of battery life puts the MPS on top of its class and the easily accessible battery compartment allows changing the battery without dismounting the MPS from the gun.
  • User-Selectable Auto-Off
    • Users can choose to use the auto-off timer or keep the sight continuously on. If auto off is selected, the sight will automatically shut off after 13 hours.
  • True 1X
    • The 1X magnification allows both eyes open operation and complete situational awareness.
  • Mounting Options
    • The MPS can be mounted on any gun Docter plate and is compatible with most other manufacturer adaptors available on the market.



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