Stoeger Industries STR-9SC 9mm Pistol

Stoeger Industries, a shotgun, pistols, and airguns manufacturer, has listened to demand from consumers and expanded its offerings for a personal defense weapon in 9mm to include the STR-9SC. The Stoeger STR-9SC is a sub-compact striker-fired pistol available in two variants.

The STR-9SC is a sub-compact striker-fired polymer-framed 9mm pistol that is said to have all the same performance-driven features as the full-sized STR-9 handguns. The STR-9SC is a smaller and easier-to-control and conceal package. The pistol sports a black nitride finish for the slide to help protect it from wear and corrosion.

Stoeger Industries has updated its personal defense weapon offerings with the STR-9SC. The STR-9SC is a 9mm sub-compact pistol with a polymer frame and it is ready to accept any optic. (Photo credit: Stoeger Industries)

Like the full-sized models, the pistol has aggressive serrations on the front and back of the slide for a solid grip and better manipulation in bad conditions. The STR-9SC has stippling on the grip that offers a better purchase in the hold and has three interchangeable backstraps for the end user to get the optimum ergonomic fit. To round out some features of the pistol, the STR-9SC has a crisp trigger and an integrated accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers.

The two different variants of this model of pistol are both optic-ready versions, and both offer two 10-round magazines. The extra magazine is helpful in a concealed carry weapon for extra firepower. The difference between the two models is the second model also comes with factory-installed tritium night sights. Both models come with a cover plate for an open-sight option, along with four adapter plates for use with some of the most popular red dot optics available.

To round out the specs, the STR-9SC has a 3.54-inch barrel and an overall 6.54-inch length making the pistol a great option for a smaller concealed gun. In a small package, the pistol has a 22.4-ounce weight. The STR-9SC pistol is available for a price of $399 while the STR-9SC with night sights has a price tag of $449.

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