Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover

In an industry where innovation is key, the polymer dust cover for the AR platform seems to be the next upgrade. With many AR platforms using the more traditional steel dust covers, a high-strength polymer option has some benefits. It can help reduce any rust issues that could crop up as well as any potential warping or bending that can happen with traditional covers. That’s what we’re looking at here—the Strike Industries AR Ultimate Dust Cover for .223/5.56 – Texas Edition v1. This Patent Pending SI Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC) is reportedly one of the easiest to install, best sealing, lightest and quietest port door cover available.

Striker Industries Ultimate Dust Cover is reportedly the first commercially available quick disconnect ejection port cover that has an internal lip with True Seal Technology to seal against the elements.

The SI UDC is the first-to-market quick disconnect ejection port cover featuring an internal lip that provides a better seal against the elements (True Seal technology). It is made of a high-density SI Polymer Extreme material making it more durable and functional than the traditional dust covers, not to mention the slightest amount of weight reduction for the overall package. Not that traditional steel dust covers are heavy by any means, but when trying to make a lightweight rifle, a polymer dust cover gives another option to help reduce overall weight.

Product Features

  • Quick tool-less installation and easy disassembly using something as common as a pen
  • Patent Pending “True Seal” internal lip seals the port tighter than traditional dust cover designs
  • Patent Pending built-in adjustable spring-loaded detent set screw to compensate for wear on upper receiver plus easy installation and takedown
  • Made of high-strength SI Polymer Extreme material to not deform or get bent out of shape
  • Resistant to rust unlike traditional steel covers
  • Install AND remove the AR Ultimate Dust Cover in just 5 to 10 seconds

Product Specs

  • Length: 9.23mm (0.36”)
  • Width: 85mm (3.35”)
  • Height: 23.25mm (0.92”)
  • Weight: 0.39 oz (with packaging 0.50 oz)
SI UDC in black
The SI UDC is made of high-strength Strike Industries Polymer Extreme material that will not deform or bend out of shape. Additionally, it is resistant to rust, unlike other traditional steel options.

The unique internal detent rod design enables users to attach and detach the cover in 5 to 10 seconds with ease. It features an adjustable detent set screw to compensate for wear on the receiver and increase or decrease opening power. SI strongly encourages applying blue Loctite threadlocker to the ball-detent thread after it has been adjusted.

The SI Ultimate Dust Cover is compatible with AR-5 MIL-SPEC upper receivers, most billet AR-15 upper receivers, and the Aero Precision M4E1. It is not compatible with the VLTOR MUR (Modular Upper Receiver), ZRO Delta, Lantac Enhanced BCG (due to the carrier and bolt design), or the Bootleg Four Position Adjustable Carrier.

SI UDC in black and FDE
The tool-less installation design allows for easy disassembly and fast installation and removal, reportedly being done in under 10 seconds. The cover is available in Flat Dark Earth or Black color options.

MSRP for the Strike Industry Ultimate Dust Cover is $17.95 and is available in FDE and Black. As they say: DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

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