Strike Industries Iron Sights for Taurus G2/G3

Strike Industries, a company with loads of aftermarket parts for rifles and pistols, has updated its offerings for standard height Strike iron sights to include an option for Taurus G2/G3 with a large rear dovetail. According to Strike, the Taurus G2/G3 sights give the shooter the best affordable option to replace the boring OEM steel sights while providing more features for the end user.

Strike Industries has updated its offering for aftermarket iron sights to include a large rear dovetail option for the Taurus G2/G3 platform. [Photo credit: Strike Industries]

The Taurus sights are designed to help with proper sight alignment to keep the shooter’s eye focused while reducing unwanted glare or reflections. The way the front sight aligns in the rear u-notch allows for natural light to be seen on either side for easier spotting. Additionally, there are steps on the back of both the front and rear sights that naturally keep down glare and keep the shooter’s eye focused where it should be—on target.

The U-notched rear sight was engineered with a negative angle, so the shooter’s eye registers the back wall as dark as possible which allows the eye to pick up the brighter front sight easier. Speaking of the front sight, it can be painted to the shooter’s preferred color or even glow-in-the-dark paint for further ease of use.

Strike Taurus G2/G3 iron sight aligned
The standard height iron sights for the Taurus G2/G3 are designed to aid the shooter’s eye by reducing glare while allowing for an easier focus on the target. The negative angle of the rear sight along with the line in the middle help the shooter remain focused on the target and not the sights. (Photo: Strike Industries)

An additional feature for the Strike Taurus G2/G3 standard height sights is the line that runs from top to bottom in the middle on the rear sight. This is done to catch any light from above and give the shooter’s eye an assist in aiming. Think of it as an easy way of creating a line from the front sight through the middle on the rear.

The Strike Industries Taurus G2/G3 large rear dovetail sight set is constructed from SUS630 hardened stainless steel so it will be as strong as possible without breaking the bank. The standard height sights are available for different models of handguns like Glocks or S&Ws. The Strike Industries standard height iron sights for the Taurus G2/G3 have a retail price of $32.95.

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