S&W M&P Shield Plus Optics Ready: Put a Dot On It

Following the obvious evolution of CCW handguns, Smith & Wesson released the S&W M&P Shield Plus Optics Ready pistol in October 2021. It’s a 3.2 in. barreled EDC gun with the same trigger as its predecessors and some improvements to the grip and grip texture they advise were based on user feedback. 

This iteration of the weapon line is, as the name implies, a Shield+ designed for use with red dot sights.


Smith & Wesson advises, 

Your new EDC is here. Allow us to introduce the new M&P9 Shield Plus Optics Ready. This new addition to the Shield Plus line comes standard with 3.1″ barrel, night sights, and optics cut.

With the 10+1 or 13+1 capacity, flat-face trigger, and enhanced grip texture, [the]…Optics Ready is engineered to give you the best performance in a micro-compact size.

The M&P Plus is, as of this writing at least, S&W’s highest capacity micro-compact pistol. It has night sights, slide cuts to fit the usual suspects of preferred RDS types, and some additional features, including: 


Shield Plus Optics Ready Capacity

I did that so I’d have a sub-heading that could be abbreviated SPORC

10 + 1 9x19mm with a flush-fit magazine

13+1 in their extended magazine


S&W M&P Shield Plus magazine capacity



ORSP+ Launch Video

Sure, the narrator is no Don LaFontaine, but really who is? He does a good job with the rundown and isn’t cringe-worthy melodramatic like some of the videos we’ve seen.