TALON Grips Acquires ArachniGRIP – The Mag Life

TALON Grips, a family-owned industry leader in stick-on gun grips, has acquired ArachniGRIP, the creator of the SlideSpider patented stick-on grip for the slide. Both companies are Colorado-based grip accessory companies.

TALON Grips has acquired ArachniGRIPS, bringing together two Colorado-based like-minded companies offering some of the best in grip accessories. The after-market grip enhancements offer shooters another way to ensure a solid grip on their weapon.

ArachniGRIP was born from Bob Biedenbach, Co-Founder of ArachniGRIP, who returned to the sport and realized he was having trouble controlling the slide of his firearm due to reduced hand strength and arthritis. Don Hoekendorf, the Co-Founder of ArachniGRIP, was a range master at the time and a user of TALON Grips. Together, the two devised a plan to create a grip for the slide to reduce hand fatigue and improve grasp.

TALON Grips for pistol slide benefits all shooters. Adding this grip to the slide ensures that you get a firm grip in all conditions, especially in wet conditions, making it easier to manipulate the firearm regardless of hand strength. “Once the grip is applied, you are able to pull the slide back with minimal effort. You can immediately feel the difference whether you are a veteran shooter or new to the sport,” said Mike Morris, President of TALON Grips.

Arachnigrip SlideSpider flag slide grip
ArachniGRIPS, known for its SlideSpider, was started by Bob Biedenbach and Don Hoekendorf in an effort to create a grip for a slide to reduce hand fatigue and improve grasp on handguns. Bob saw the need for grip help after suffering from arthritis while Don saw the need for the product as a range master and user of TALON Grips

“For years, we have worked with Don & Bob as our products complement each other nicely. It was a logical step for the brands to join forces. They built a solid foundation, and this is a great opportunity for TALON to use our knowledge and offer the best grip for the slide of the firearm, an area that many people struggle to control,” continued Morris. The grip makes it easier to control the firearm and keep the muzzle pointed down range while clearing or racking the slide.

Hoekendorf added, “I am very excited to see where TALON (Grips) will take this. They are the leader in this space and have become a household name in firearm grips.”

Grips on slide line-up
Adding a TALON Grip to a pistol ensures a firm grip in all conditions on the weapon. This makes it easier to manipulate the firearm and adds to shooter comfort, consistency, and weapon retention. It’s especially helpful for those that struggle with hand strength issues, like arthritis sufferers.

TALON Grips provide grip solutions for over 300 different firearms. Most are available in multiple material options like black rubber, moss rubber, PRO, and granulated-black. TALON Grips won’t move once installed but can be removed, the pistol can be cleaned and returned to factory condition. The life of TALON Grips is from 1 to 3 years of use.

A bonus of the acquisition, the SlideSpider was previously only available as a two-pack for about $20. But TALON Grips will be offering these as a single piece for under $10.