The Sinter 3D Printed Titanium Suppressor

What you see here is a monolithic 3D-printed 6Al-4V Titanium suppressor from Radical Firearms. It’s called the Sinter

Radical Firearms says, “This Firearms suppressor is 8 inches long, 16 ounces, and rated up to 300 WM. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! The Sinter’s full titanium construction means you get durability without any added weight.

It’s not just about the insides for the Sinter titanium suppressor, but it also has to do with its unique aesthetic appearance.

Sinter 3d printed titanium suppressor from Radical Firearms

The honeycomb exterior is intended to help dissipate the heat due to its increased surface area, helping the Sinter cool down faster. This is a wonderful feature since the Sinter can withstand higher rates of fire!

With its muzzle brake taper mount design, you’ll also be able to mount your silencer onto your host firearm and be ready to rumble in no time at all.”

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Sinter Titanium Suppressor Specs

The SINTER is one of the lightest, most durable suppressors on the market to date. Tested on everything from .22 WMR to 300 WM, all calibers are hearing safe. The internal design creates a robust superstructure unachievable through traditional manufacturing methods. Constructed wholly of Titanium 6Al-4V, the SINTER has a high strength-to-weight ratio creating a durable and the lightest weight commercially available suppressor for everyday use.

Cal: Up To 7.62

OAL: 8”

OD: 1.75”

Weight: 16 oz

Material: Titanium 64 (Ti-6Al-4v)

dB: ~136.7 with 12.5” 308



Radical Firearms Sinter titanium suppressor


Monolithic Design

Additive Manufactured (3D Printed)

High Temp Cerakote Exterior Coating available in Black or Desert Tan


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Muzzle Brake Taper Mount Design

Honeycomb exterior provides increased surface area for heat dissipation

Full Auto Rated



Radical Firearms Sinter titanium suppressor

The honeycomb exterior is intended to provide increased surface area for heat dissipation (not to mention a unique aesthetic).

Sinter Spec Sheet

RF Sinter titanium suppressor

16 in. 5.56 RPR rifle with the Radical Firearms SINTER 3D printed titanium suppressor. Rifle: FR16-5.56SOC-15RPR-MFT
Suppressor: SINTER 3D printed titanium suppressor. Optic: Aimpoint PRO WML: Streamlight ProTac.


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