Timney Barrett MRAD Trigger: Superior Results

Aftermarket triggers can be a fantastic way to improve your gun’s accuracy. Timney Triggers is one of the best-known manufacturers of high-quality triggers, and their model line makes it possible to give just about any gun a touch of Timney. For example, their Barrett MRAD replacement trigger is a great example of the company’s dedication to producing stellar parts. Adding a Timney to your MRAD could be just what you need for truly superior results on target.

The Timney Triggers Barrett MRAD trigger is designed to deliver superior accuracy. (Photo credit: Timney Triggers)

According to Timney, the Barrett MRAD trigger is designed for the discriminating shooter who demands the utmost performance from their trigger. This trigger is made to be robust and easy to use and is adjustable for pull weight and over travel. Pull weight can be set as low as 1.5 pounds or up to four pounds. That means the trigger pull can be light as a feather or provide a bit more resistance depending on personal preferences.

The company states every part of this single-stage trigger is machined with incredible attention to detail utilizing state-of-the-art technology. With Timney, there are no cutting corners with metal injection molding or stamped old-school parts. They expect superior results from each and every trigger they produce. The Barrett MRAD trigger offers compounded sear leverage, which is one of the ways they get that wider range of pull weight adjustments. Details matter.

barrett mrad
Installing an aftermarket Timney Triggers trigger in your Barrett MRAD is a great way to improve accuracy. (Photo credit: Barrett)

Timney Triggers Barrett MRAD Trigger Features

  • Compatible with Barrett MRAD.
  • Single-stage trigger for greater and simpler control during live fire
  • Aluminum alloy housing anodized black for resistance to wear and tear
  • Single-cassette, drop-in style trigger for easy installation
  • 1.5 pounds to 4.0 pounds adjustable trigger pull weight so it can be customized to the shooter’s preferences
  • Tool steel, NP3 coated sear for durability
  • Trigger shoe made from tool steel with NP3 coating for longevity and to withstand serious use
  • Curved trigger
  • Adjustable for over travel, allowing the shooter to create the shooting experience they want for stellar results on target
  • Compound sear to facilitate greater pull weight adjustments
  • Wire EDM cut sears for precise, high-quality results
  • Silver trigger shoe
  • Designed to improve trigger control which translates to impressive accuracy

This trigger is designed so it’s fully contained in a single cassette, making it a drop-in style that’s incredibly easy to install. The fact that shooters get such amazing accuracy out of a straightforward installation process just makes the trigger all the more appealing.

It’s a lightweight trigger with an aluminum alloy housing, so it won’t add unnecessary bulk to your gun. Wire-cut EDM sears and NP3 coating on the sears and trigger shoe help make this trigger function beautifully. This trigger offers Timney’s classic glass rod crisp break and short, smooth pull. If you’re interested in improving your performance on the Barrett MRAD, adding this trigger to your gun’s setup is a great way to get it done.

MSRP for the Timney Triggers Barrett MRAD Trigger is set at $399.99.