Timney Triggers HK MP5 2-Stage Trigger

Just when you thought your HK MP5 couldn’t get any better, Timney Triggers HK MP5 2-stage drop-in trigger enters the room. Ready to go out of the box, without the need to use a gunsmith, the factory-set trigger is a quick way to upgrade the MP5 to the next level of accuracy—the Timney level of accuracy.

With over 70 years of trigger building experience, Timney’s HK MP5 semi-automatic 2-stage replacement trigger has been expertly designed and precision machined from premium materials, according to the company. The 2-stage trigger is composed of a trigger housing made of 6061 T6 aluminum with black anodizing and is built to be weather- and corrosion-resistant. The trigger shoe and disconnector are machined from billet A2 tool steel while the hammer is constructed of S7 tool steel, and both components are heat treated for durability and maximum lubricity.

Timney Triggers, known for its prowess in the market, has a 2-stage drop-in HK MP5 semi-auto trigger grouping.

The Timney HK MP5 2 lb. first stage and 2 lb. second stage straight aluminum blade trigger is hand-assembled, tested, and calibrated before leaving the factory to help ensure accuracy straight out of the box. With special coatings present in the assembly, NP3 for the hammer, and carbo-nitride for the shoe and disconnector, the trigger is said to have an effortlessly smooth feel.

Requiring no gunsmithing for installation, the HK MP5 Semi-Automatic Two-Stage trigger uses the existing rifle ejector lever, ejector spring, and ejector axis pin. The trigger is compatible with the HK 91/93 and 94 type firearms and their clones, SEF/Semi-Auto trigger packs, and corresponding safety selector levers. The trigger is not compatible with the Ambi/Navy/FBI trigger packs, nor the .22 clones since their internal components are different.

Back angle of Timney HK MP5 trigger
Manufactured from various premium materials, the Timney HK MP5 two-stage trigger is easy to install and is a quick way to upgrade the HK MP5 trigger. [Photo credit: Timney Triggers]

As with all Timney products, the HK MP5 Two-Stage Semi-automatic replacement trigger comes with a lifetime warranty and is wholly made in the USA. The HK MP5 two-stage replacement trigger has a retail price tag of $379.99.