Tyrant CNC H&K VP9/VP40 Flared Magwells

Tyrant Designs has updated its offerings for aftermarket pistol accessories, this time producing flared magwells for certain H&K VP9 and VP40 model pistols. This addition should make owners of those H&K happy to have another option for upgrades.

Precision machined from billet aluminum, the H&K VP9/VP40 Flared Magwells offers a simple and nonpermanent addition to help guild magazines in place smoother and easier. According to Tyrant, the flared magwell adds to the ergonomics of the pistol and in turn, helps increase loading speeds.

Tyrant Designs has given certain H&K owners another option for aftermarket options, specifically a flared magwell for some H&K VP9 and VP40 pistols. [Photo credit: Tyrant Designs]

Thanks to the aluminum construction, the VP9/VP40 flared magwells add very little weight and bulk to the pistol keeping the profile sleek and still able to easily conceal. The magwell acts like an OEM replacement and is shaped like a funnel to help guide magazines into place quickly and easily. The weight it does add to the pistol provides balance to the pistol and thanks to the one-piece design, the user won’t have to worry about losing pieces.

The anodized aluminum flared magwell can be secured in place with a set screw. The functionality of the piece and retention are aided by underside cuts on the piece but thanks to the design, magazines won’t get stuck.

Tyrant Designs VP9/VP40 flared magwell in gold
Constructed from billet aluminum, the flared magwell is said to speed up the loading of magazines into the pistol and is available in different colors, including gold, black, grey, and other colors. [Photo credit: Tyrant Designs]

The Tyrant Designs H&K VP9/VP40 flared magwells are compatible with certain models, including the VP9, VP9L, VP9 Tactical, VP40, and VP40 Tactical. The magwell will not work with the H&K VP9 SK. The flared magwells are available in different colors including black, red, machined aluminum, grey, blue, and gold.

The Tyrant Designs H&K VP9/VP40 flared magwells are light but will not make the pistol imprint while concealed carrying or being used during competitions. The increased ease of reloading magazines with the H&K pistols means with some practice no-look reloading can be accomplished, according to Tyrant. The flared magwells have an MSRP of $69.95.