Tyrant Designs H&K Magazine Extensions: Upping Capacity

If you have a Heckler and Koch VP9 and want to increase its capacity, the team at Tyrant Designs has you covered. The company’s H&K Magazine Extensions increase capacity by five rounds. Even better, they’re also available for the VP40 and P30. Who doesn’t want another five rounds in their carry gun? We know we do.

The mag extensions are CNC Machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, and according to the manufacturer these magazine plates continue the profile of your H&K VP9 handles, making the ergonomics exactly like factory.

Having five more rounds available in a life-or-death situation could be what saves you. The manufacturer states the extensions form a natural line from the existing magazine for an ergonomically correct, comfortable grip. (Photo credit: Tyrant Designs)

Tyrant Designs provided details and answered a few questions about the magazine extensions:

[These are] the fastest and easiest installing +5 magazine extension for the H&K VP9…the Tyrant Designs CNC H&K VP9 extended magazine base pad. Drop your magazines faster, and grab onto them quicker with our machined aluminum base pads.

Using our proprietary design, add plus 5 rounds to the Heckler & Koch VP9 magazine extension which installs in less than 10 seconds with no tools necessary! CNC Machined from aerospace-grade aluminum our magazine plate continues the profile of your H&K VP9 handles making the ergonomics exactly like factory.

Why do they install so quickly? We use our retention plunger technology that allows the magazine extension to easily slide onto the bottom of your magazine! The entire install happens in 10 seconds or less and with no tools.

Want to take it off? Easy, just push the plunger down and slide the magazine base plate off.

magazine extensions in six colors
The mag extensions are offered in six colors and all are made to the manufacturer’s exacting standards. (Photo credit: Tyrant Designs)

The manufacturer continues:

Why is this the best Magazine Extension? Not only do our H&K base pads install in seconds without tools, but we also designed the mag extension to be a perfect & seamless profile match. With our H&K VP9 magazine extension base pads, you’re not only adding to the magazine capacity and performance but aesthetics and a true custom feel as well.

This product is manufactured in the USA and has a flawless finish. There is no easier and quicker way to add the much-needed capacity to your H&K VP9.

Regarding compatibility, the extensions fit the following H&K 9mm & 40 Smith & Wesson firearm magazines:

  • HK VP9, VP9 Tactical 9mm (15 Round Magazine)
  • HK P30, P30L & P30S 9mm (15 Round Magazine)
  • VP40, VP40 Tactical 40 caliber (13 Round magazine)
  • HK P30, P30L & P30S 40 caliber (13 round magazine)
  • Extensions do not work with 10 round magazines

These are easy to install and fit the general aesthetic of the gun well. By adding one to your Heckler and Koch handgun, you not only get five more rounds, you get an additional finger rest and colorful highlights (if you so choose).

MSRP for the Tyrant Designs H&K Magazine Extensions is set at $39.95.