Umarex M3 Grease Gun Fully-Auto Replica Airgun

As if Umarex didn’t have a full line of airguns guns to choose from, it has the Legends M3 Grease Gun in Full-auto joining the group. The Legends M3 is a fully automatic CO2-powered BB SMG, right in time for Christmas.

Umarex M3 Grease Gun Specifications:

  • Based on the M3A1 variant
  • Shoots .177 Caliber Steel BBs
  • Semi or Fully Automatic Operation
  • 60 Round Drop Free Magazine
  • (2) 12 Gram CO2 Power Source
  • Three-Position Manual Safety
  • Collapsible Wire Stock
  • Peep Style Iron Sights
  • Rate of Fire 1,050 BBs Per Minute
  • 460 FPS

The Umarex M3 Grease Gun is based on the M3A1 that first came out in 1944, but this CO2 version has all the features that users of the Umarex Legends line-up have come to expect. The M3 joins two other World War II-era submachine gun BB guns in the Legends Series, the MP and M1A1. Additionally, the Legends line has other options as well, like the Walther PPK/S, Cowboy Lever Action Rifle, and an M712 Broom Handle.

Umarex updated its Legends line of airguns to include the full-auto M3 Grease Gun. The airgun replica can be shot in single or full-auto mode and has many of the same features as the original M3A1 Grease Gun. [Photo credit: Umarex USA]

The airgun can be fired single shot or in full-auto at a rate of 1,050 BBs per minute, which is crazy fast. The magazine drops-free of the rifle and can hold 60 BBs and two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. The end-user can also purchase additional magazines to keep the fun going.

“We are excited about the expansion of the Legends Series,” Richard Turner, President, and CEO of Umarex USA said. “The Legends are fantastic historical replicas but, more importantly, they are lots of fun to shoot. The M3 Grease Gun fits both of those criteria.”

It also has a collapsible wire stock and fixed peep sights, like the original Grease Gun. Additionally, it has a bolt and cut-away thumb charging slot under the dust cover. Just like the M3 it is based on, the firing action from the M3 Grease airgun opens the bolt. The company stated that the end user can expect 120 BBs fired for each full CO2 charge.

The Umarex M3 Grease Gun full-auto replica airgun has an MSRP of $249.99 and is available now.