Viridian 4LUX CQ Grip: Dual Use

Adding aftermarket accessories to rifles is common, and it’s also not unheard of to end up with an unbalanced or bulky AR because of those additions. That’s why multi-use components are so useful, and Viridian knows it. The 4LUX CQ Grip Light made by the company is designed for versatility and to streamline your rifle’s profile, among other things. After all, who wants a bulky rifle?

The angle and projection on the Grip Light are ideal for close-quarters situations and the 400-lumen output means improved visibility in dark or low-light conditions. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Viridian provides the following details of their dual-use product:

With M-LOK mounting, grip ‘n rip activation, high-strength polymer housing and much more, the 4LUX is sure to be a ground-breaking addition to the tactical world. The ergonomic forward grip design provides an advantage like no other. The 4LUX is engineered for AR-15, AK-47, tactical shotguns or any firearm featuring a M-LOK handguard.

In addition to an ergonomic design, robust build and its versatile use in the field, the light on the 4LUX CQ brings several other benefits. The angle and projection are ideal for close quarters situations and the 400 lumen output means improved visibility in the dark or low-light conditions. Finally—it is designed to be used in real tactical situations and the battery life and run time reflect specific consideration.

Furthermore, the manufacturer says this “American-made accessory helps shooters gain complete control of recoil, muzzle movement and low-visibility situations at an amazing value.”

Viridian grip light on rifle
The Viridian Grip Light serves as both a forward grip and a weapon-mounted light. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Features include:

  • Dual-Purpose: Ergonomic foregrip and high-intensity 400 Lumen LED tactical light in one package
  • Close Quarters Beam: Specially designed LED and floodlight lens for combat situations
  • Precise Control: Foregrip designed to control recoil and help shooters optimize movement of their firearm
  • Grip ‘N Rip: LED grip activation putting shooters in control for an unmatched tactical advantage
  • M-LOK Compatible: Engineered for AR-15, AK-47, tactical shotguns, or any firearm with an M-LOK handguard
  • Robust Design: 90-minute runtime, impact and weather resistant
  • Made in the USA: Designed and made in Minnesota, USA
The grip is also available in flat dark earth. (Photo credit: Viridian)

Viridian Grip Light Specifications

  • Activation: Auto On when gripped
  • Mount: M-LOK
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes (constant On)
  • Battery Type: 2x CR2 3v
  • Tools: Included
  • Materials: High-strength polymer and machined aluminum
  • OP Temp: -40 to 140°F
  • Weight: 1.76 oz
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Lumens: 400
  • Candela: 850
m-lok compatible mounting surface of Viridian Grip Light
The grip light has an M-LOK-compatible mounting surface. (Photo credit: Viridian)

This M-LOK compatible forward grip is lightweight and gives you two tools: One for a strong hold on your rifle, and one to make target identification easier in low light and no light scenarios. Having a good weapon light mounted to your rifle is a wise idea, especially if you’re using it for home defense.

What do you think, would you mount one of these to your gun? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

MSRP for the Viridian 4LUX CQ Grip Light is set at $199.00.