Vortex Bringing in Loftier Rings: 1.45″ High 34mm Pro(s)

Vortex makes a solid product. I use some of their stuff myself. The latest addition to their line of riflescope rings is a 34mm Pro that holds 1.45 inches high. So, if their medium-height rings (1.10 inches) weren’t what you needed, maybe these will get you taken care of

Vortex riflescope rings have some nice features that simplify mounting and assure stability. The first, for what they call “out-of-the-box, mount-and-shoot simplicity,” is the laser engraved torque specs on the rings themselves. These will help ensure that you’ll really have to try to under or over-torque your rings. With these markings available, you’ll either have to intentionally screw it up or just be paying no attention at all to get it wrong.

Vortex Pro Rings are now available in 1.45″.

The mounting process itself is done with four T-25 Torx-style socket cap screws; pretty standard fare, that, but far better than using duct tape or zip ties. The rings also have an integrated (meaning directly milled) recoil lug to mitigate stress on those four mounting screws and reduce the effect of recoil impulse on the scope itself.

Note: Vortex says the tolerances on their rings are true enough that there’s no need for lapping them. You’ll have to judge whether that’s appropriate for your particular set. Remember also that the torque specs here are specifically for these Vortex products. Other manufacturers will often have other standards. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware, but if you’re new to scopes, you should know that improper torquing has several negative effects. Over-torquing can damage crimp the outside of the optic, potentially also damaging the internals. It can also degrade accuracy. If you under-torq them, you’re going to find it almost impossible to get a good consistent zero. And you won’t be able to maintain it even if you do!

Don’t buy good glass and cheap rings. Don’t buy good rings and then screw ’em up!



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