ZeroTech Optics Upgrades Thrive HD Line of Reflex Sights

Red dot sights are commonplace now with a lot of shooters. One of the main selling points of these optics is the auto-on and auto-off functions. When speed and accuracy are needed, a sight that automatically turns on when it senses movement can make the difference on the range or with concealed carry. That’s where ZeroTech Thrive HD Reflex sight comes in with its advanced shake awake technology. It’s ready to go when you are. 

ZeroTech Optics has upgraded its line of Thrive HD Reflex Sights with shake awake technology making it ready to go when the shooter is.

Built on a popular footprint, the Thrive HD Reflex will mount to most firearms and it’s available in both low and high mount options. It comes standard with a Picatinny rail interface, allowing it to fit on shotguns, lever rifles, AR platforms, and many more. By removing the Picatinny rail interface, the Thrive HD reflex sight can mount directly to pistols with a slide cut and many accessories designated for the direct attachment of a reflex sight.

ZeroTech Thrive HD High
The Thrive HD Red Dot Reflex Sights will mount to most firearms, thanks to the included Picatinny rail interface allowing for mounting on rifles, shotguns, AR platforms, and more. Without the rail, it can direct mount on pistols with a slide cut. (Shown here with the high mount option.)

The Thrive HD Reflex Sights have a 3 MOA Red Dot with 11 adjustable brightness settings. It runs on a side-loading CR2032 battery so there is no need to remove it from the mount to swap the battery and has a max 50,000-hour battery life (on the lowest brightness setting). The sight is guaranteed waterproof and shockproof and comes with a molded rubber cover.

Thrive HD Low Reflex Sight from ZeroTech
The ZeroTech Thrive HD Reflex Sight, shown here with the Low mount option, has a 3 MOA Red Dot and an adjustable 11 brightness levels. It boasts a side-loading battery so there is no need to remove the mount to swap the battery—which won’t happen much with a max battery life of 50,000 hours on the lowest setting.

The AR lens coating is specifically developed to provide the least possible image distortion. It ships with either the low or the high mount, rubber protective cover, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, attachment tool, and manual. The Thrive HD Reflex Sight has a retail price of $249 for either model.


  • 3 MOA Dot
  • 1x28mm
  • 50,000 battery life on the lowest brightness setting Convenient battery compartment location. No need to remove the mount to change the battery (side loading battery)
  • Direct mount to pistols utilizing popular footprint for enhanced compatibility
  • Molded rubber cover
  • Auto shutoff
  • Auto ON (integrated motion sensor)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Supplied with Picatinny compatible base
  • High and low rise mount versions (THDRS28H and THDRS28L)
  • Guaranteed Waterproof and Shockproof
  • AR lens coating specially developed for the least possible image distortion

Product Specs

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot
  • Durability: Shockproof, Waterproof, and Fog Proof
  • Length: 45mm
  • Height: 28 mm (without mount)
  • Weight: 88 Grams with battery installed (approximate)

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