Apex Tactical Releases Plus 2 Base pad for FNX-45

Tom McHale once noted, “A full-size 9mm (usually) holds 16 to 18 rounds. A full size 45 (usually) holds eight.” And with that comparison, there can be an either/or struggle to decide which is more important: higher capacity or larger projectile size? But the FNX-45 offers an interesting solution to that struggle, coming from the factory chambered in the husky .45 ACP with a higher capacity at 15 rounds. Pretty interesting, right?

Well, now it’s gotten a little more interesting. Apex Tactical just came out with a new Plus 2 magazine base pad extension for the FNX-45. 

The new Plus Two base pad is for use with standard capacity (15 round) magazines for the FNX 45. As noted on the company website, this new base pad is not tested or approved for use with 10 round magazines.
Apex Tactical Plus 2 base pad for FNX-45 pistol
On the base pad product page, Apex says that this adds two and a half (2.5) rounds to the existing standard capacity FNX-45 pistol. They explain, “Our mag extension provides space for 2 additional rounds to be loaded, and it leaves enough space for the stack to further compress the magazine spring to allow a fully loaded magazine to be seated with the slide in battery.”
Plus 2 base pad package contents.
The FNX-45 Plus 2 Base Pad package includes the aluminum magazine extension, a 0.050″ L-Key Allen wrench, and a #4-40 set screw.
FNX-45 mag with plus 2 base plate
Apex says the finger grooves on the perimeter and front corner of the new base pade are designed to make stripping a hard magazine easy.

Plus 2 Base Pad Features and Specifications

  • For FNX-45 pistols
  • Adds two (2) rounds of additional capacity to the magazine
  • Maintains function of the slide lock after last round is fired
  • Finger grooves on the perimeter and front corner make stripping a mag easy
  • Machined from aluminum and Black Type III Hardcoat anodized for durability
  • The single set screw keeps mag extension snugly in place and allows for ease of disassembly
  • Apex Part #: 119-102
  • MSRP: $34.95


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