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DeSantis Expands Offerings for Uni-Tuk Kydex Holster

DeSantis Gunhide has expanded its line of Pegasus Kydex holsters to include a new batch of handguns. The Pegasus Kydex Uni-Tuk holster now has fits for certain Glock handguns.

The popular Pegasus Kydex holster line with the Uni-Tuk #206 holster is an Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster. It has been precision molded from Kydex for the front while maintaining a breathable synthetic back. Since the holster is created from molded Kydex, it is strong and durable, without being crazy heavy. In fact, it weighs less than half a pound meaning you won’t feel much beyond the weight of the carry weapon.

DeSantis Gunhide has announced it expanded the offerings for the Pegasus Kydex Uni-Tuk #206 holster to include more Glock pistol options. The molded Kydex front and synthetic back of the Uni-Tuk along with the adjustable fit measures of the holster make it a great option for those looking for a lightweight but solid holster. [Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide]


The synthetic back of the holster gives the holster the comfort of the “breathable” platform while keeping the carry weapon secure. It allows for air movement between the skin of the user and the holster which helps keep the wearer cooler than traditional holsters, as implied by DeSantis.

The holster features the Uni-Tuk system that has multiple points of tensioning to ensure a customized fit for the wearer. Additionally, the Uni-Tuk #206 has DeSantis’s proprietary Tuckable 360 C Clip which is able to be adjusted for both height and cant with a full 360° of rotation. Also, the holster has DeSantis’ built-in Spur that acts like a claw and enhances concealment, according to the company.

The upgrade for the Uni-Tuk #206 means that it now can fit with Glock 19, 23, 32, 45, 19X, and 19 Gen 5 pistols with or without a red dot and TLR-7A. These models of pistols join an already impressive list of makes like Springfield Armory Hellcat OPS 3” and Hellcat 3”, Sig P365 line with P365 and XL models with the Romeo Zero optic, and most Smith & Wesson Shield models including the new Performance Center pistol.

DeSantis Gunhide has a long history of making solid holsters for municipal, state, and federal agencies along with the civilian markets. There is no doubt this upgraded Uni-Tuk holster will follow that path. With the American-made production, the holster is currently only available in black with right- or left-hand carry options. The Uni-Tuk #206 Pegasus Kydex holster from DeSantis Gunhide has an MSRP of $96.99 and is available now.

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DeSantis Veiled Partner Holster: OWB Carry

When choosing a holster for concealed carry, you’re not limited to only one method of concealment. For example, you can utilize an OWB (on the waistband) holster and simply conceal it by wearing a cover garment. OWB holsters can be a comfortable option and are highly concealable when designed properly. The DeSantis Veiled Partner is one such holster. It’s created to precisely fit the shape of your hip for security and concealment in an OWB platform.

The DeSantis Veiled Partner is an OWB holster designed to fit close for concealment purposes. (Photo credit: DeSantis)

The Veiled Partner from DeSantis is a precision molded Kydex holster, meaning it’s shaped to closely fit the specific model of handgun you’ll be carrying. DeSantis designed this holster to curve with your body for a closer, more precise fit that means better and more comfortable concealment. In addition, the Veiled Partner is adjustable for ride height and cant so the user can customize the placement of the holster to better suit their specific body shape and needs.

desantis holsters veiled partner
The holster is adjustable for height and cant, making it highly customizable to the user. (Photo credit: DeSantis)


Features of the DeSantis Veiled Partner include compatibility with 1.5″ and 1.75″ belt loops, adjustable tension, and the ability to use the holster with a red dot sight mounted to your pistol. This holster is offered for both right and left-handed shooters. This is fantastic not only for people whose strong sides are one or the other but for those who spend time carrying or shooting mirror. It’s also designed for relatively high placement on the user’s hip. So, it should be easier to conceal without resorting to excessively large cover garments.

desantis veiled partner holster
The holster is compatible with 1.5″ and 1.75″ belt loops. (Photo credit: DeSantis)

The holster is available for a variety of guns including some made by Glock, Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, and Walther. For a complete list of models, visit the manufacturer’s website. It’s made in a classic black Kydex.

MSRP for the DeSantis Veiled Partner is set at $68.99.

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Breakthrough Clean Suppressor Cleaner

Breakthrough Clean Technologies, a firearm cleaner brand within the Allen Company portfolio, has released its latest cleaning product geared specifically for firearm suppressors. The Breakthrough Clean Technologies Suppressor Cleaner is said to keep suppressors, muzzle brakes, compensators and flash hiders clean and in proper working condition.

The Suppressor Cleaner from Breakthrough Clean is said to be a water-based and ammonia-free cleaner that uses a proprietary blend of detergents and surfactants to keep necessary parts clean. While some individuals may not see the need for a cleaning product, according to the company, the cleaner removes heavy carbon, lead, and copper build-up from suppressors, muzzle brakes, compensators, or flash hiders on firearms.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies has released its Suppressor Cleaner, available in three sizes. The cleaning solution is a proprietary mixture said to remove carbon and lead deposits in muzzle devices. [Photo credit: Breakthrough Clean Technologies]

The Suppressor Cleaner is user-safe and virtually odorless and works to neutralize all corrosive residues on the surface. The cleaner is petroleum-free and non-flammable so there is no concern in that regard for the product. The blend supposedly prevents rust and corrosion without etching or harming a suppressor when used as well, which is a very real concern for owners.

The Breakthrough Clean Suppressor Cleaner reportedly does not produce any noxious fumes and does not contain any hazardous chemicals, making it a safe and effective choice when cleaning is required. When using the product, the company recommends letting the suppressor soak for 8-24 hours in the solution for the best cleaning results. The Suppressor Cleaner removes carbon and lead deposits, reducing the need for frequent or drawn-out cleaning sessions.

The solution is also safe for use with aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium products beyond just suppressors. It is available in three different sizes for the user’s convenience. MSRP is $29.99 for a 16-ounce bottle, $42.99 for a 32-ounce bottle, or $105.99 for a gallon jug.

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MDT Introduces GRND-POD Black Bipod

MDT, the company behind some of the market’s precision chassis and accessories, has expanded its lineup with the MDT Black GRND-POD bipod. The idea behind it was to give the option of the company’s most affordable precision bipod made to match the bolt-action or AR platform rifle from MDT.

MDT has released its latest product, the GRND-POD in black. This one-hand operated bipod has independently deployed and adjustable legs. It can mount with different interface options like Picatinny or ARCA. [Photo credit: MDT]

MDT has said it is excited to bring the classic black look to the bipod which was designed to maximize the versatility while keeping the key features that users demand. One feature MDT refused to compromise on was the adjustable leg lengths. The bipod creates a stable platform and can extend anywhere from 4.5” to 9” long (50° forward to 90°down) from the pivot point to match the shooter’s need. Not only that, but the bipod legs are independently adjustable to match real-life situations when you can lie prone on a flat surface. Additionally, the legs can be rapidly deployed and adjusted with one hand making it quick and easy to get set up.

Another feature of the MDT GRND-POD included is the ability to adjust the cant of the bipod. The bipod can adjust up to 40° of cant and has an adjustable throw level for the cant tension. The toolless cant tension and one-handed adjustment for cant helps the shooter adapt to any rocky or uneven shooting surface with better stabilization.

Further, the legs have four locking positions. The legs can be locked in at 0°s, 50°, 80°, and 180°. The bipod can mount with a variety of interface options, including Picatinny and ARCA. MDT did not want to skimp when it came to ease of use, as laid out by the company, keeping all the features one-handed. MDT wanted to focus on providing a convenient product that met its high standards for products.

With all those premium features, the company was wanting to keep it at a price point that made sense for its quality and didn’t stop until it reached the right balance. The MDT GRND-POD bipod in black is available starting at $199.95.

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Holosun’s New 507COMP Red Dot Optic: Competition Ready

Holosun, a leader in weapons optics, has released its latest with the 507COMP-RD red dot. Holosun specifically designed this latest red dot optic with the competitive shooter in mind with a larger optic window and its Shake Awake technology.

The Holosun 507COMP handgun sight has an impressive 1.1”x 0.87” objective lens, or in other terms, a rifle-sized optic window on a handgun red dot. Competitive shooters, and regular shooters, have been turning more towards the larger window that lends to a larger view of sight. The large window is housed inside a 7075 T6 Aluminum housing with the industry standard footprint and has been anodized for the durability that folks expect with Holosun products.

Holosun has released its latest for the competitive shooter line of optics with the 507COMP red dot. With the industry standard footprint, the optic features Holosun’s Competitive Reticle System that has a 2MOA dot and 3 other MOA rings, or a combination of any of those for the shooter to choose from. [Photo credit: Holosun]

Not only that, but the new 507COMP has Holosun’s new Competition Reticle System (C.R.S.), which is an enhanced multi-reticle system that has four components. These components include a precision 2MOA dot, an 8MOA circle, a 20MOA circle, and a 32MOA circle with combinations to fit whatever the shooter may need. The 507COMP is available with either a red CRS or a green CRS version to fit the shooter’s preference.

The optic is parallax free and has unlimited eye relief. Like most other Holosun optics, the 507COMP has six different daylight brightness settings along with two night vision settings to match most any conditions the shooter may encounter. Additionally, the 507COMP has a 1MOA adjustment with each audible click and windage and elevation adjustments to ±30 MOA.

The Holosun 507COMP runs on one CR1632 battery that is accessible via the side panel – no need to remove the optic from the handgun to change the battery. The battery allows for a stellar 50,000-hour battery life and thanks to the Shake Awake technology of the sight, that will last the shooter a long time. All those features are in a small enough package, weighing just around 1.7 ounces.

The optic is seen as redefining the competitive shooting experience and has already been endorsed by some professional shooters. The Holosun 507COMP is said to be hitting the market very soon (think next week) so if this optic strikes your fancy, I wouldn’t wait around too much longer to snatch one up. The red CRS Holosun 507COMP has an MSRP of $435 while the green CRS Holosun 507COMP has an MSRP of $470.




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DeSantis Lifeguard Holster: Minimalist Carry

Different situations require varying holster placement and design. For example, there are times you need an extremely streamlined, minimalistic design. Maybe you need a sleeker profile and less likelihood of printing due to your clothing choices. Or, perhaps you want to cut as much weight as possible off your carry setup. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a small, functional holster, the DeSantis Lifeguard holster is designed for moments like this. It is made to securely hold your handgun with as minimal a footprint as possible.

The DeSantis Lifeguard holster is designed for minimalistic carry. (Photo credit: DeSantis Holsters)

The latest from DeSantis is the Lifeguard Holster which is designed to make daily carry more comfortable. This is the company’s minimalistic IWB (inside waistband) holster. It’s made to completely enclose the trigger guard, so it’s safe and secure. It is lighter-weight and sleeker overall than most holster designs on the market. The carbon fiber finish is aesthetically pleasant and durably rugged. Fitted with the company’s Tuckable C-Clip, this holster allows the greatest level of concealment possible. Also, the Lifeguard Claw is available as an additional accessory.

The DeSantis Lifeguard is compatible with the following models:

  • Glock 17 Gen 5
  • Glock 19 Gen 5
  • Glock 19X
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 23
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 26 Gen 5
  • Glock 27
  • Glock 31
  • Glock 32
  • Glock 45
  • SIG Sauer P365
  • SIG Sauer P365 SAS
  • SIG Sauer P365 with Romeo Zero
  • SIG Sauer P365XL
  • SIG Sauer P365XL with Romeo Zero

Models are available for guns either with or without red dot sights. This is a versatile holster that leaves whether or not you mount a red dot to your gun up to you. If you decide to take the red dot off and run iron sights, the holster will still function as before.

lifeguard holster
The great thing is that this holster is compatible with guns with or without red dot sights. (Photo credit: DeSantis Holsters)

The Lifeguard holster covers the trigger and underside of the frame while leaving the upper portion of the slide open. Its design allows the user to get a full firing grip before drawing. As with any holster, make sure you pair it with a solid gun belt and spend time training with it.

MSRP for the DeSantis Holsters Lifeguard Holster is $39.99.

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XS Sights R3D Night Sights for Kimber K6s: Make the Shot, Day or Night

XS Sights, a leader in aftermarket night sights for firearms, has expanded its lineup of R3D Night Sights to include options for the Kimber K6s revolver. This gives the owners of this compact revolver more options beyond factory sights.

“Being able to see your sights in any light is critical in self-defense situations, and our R3D Night Sights are designed for this,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The R3D, with its Glow Dot technology and wider notch, is a significant upgrade that gives gun owners confidence in their ability to make the shot day or night.”

XS Sights has expanded its R3D Night Sight family to include an option for the Kimber K6s revolver. These are available with either a green or orange tritium dot. The sights can also be purchased as a set or only the front sight. [Photo credit: XS Sights]


The R3D night sights are CNC machined from solid steel bar stock at XS Sight’s Texas facility. They are equipped with the company’s proprietary Glow Dot with a tritium center for dual illumination. The Glow Dot absorbs the ambient light and glows in low-light situations while also absorbing light from the tritium. According to the company, the sight design naturally draws the shooter’s eye to the brighter front sight and beyond. This helps with more accurate target acquisition.

The sights are available in both green or orange high-contrast front sights. They can also be purchased as either just the front sight or in a set. The rear sight is a 2-dot, blacked-out tritium sight with an anti-reflective coating so as not to outshine the front sight but will allow for proper alignment with the front sight.

The XS Sights R3D Night Sight has a 12-year warranty on the tritium. XS Sights recommends a gunsmith for installation due to the front sight needing to be drilled for the retention pin. The company also notes that the sights will only fit the K6s and not the K6xs revolver. MSRP is $73 for just the front sight and $138 for the complete set.

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Fix It Sticks Compact Kit for Sig Pistols: Comprehensive and Easy To Use

Fix It Sticks, a leader when it comes to modular firearm maintenance tools and kits, has expanded its product lineup with a Compact Pistol Kit for Sig Sauer pistols. This kit is designed especially for maintaining Sig Sauer pistols, whether in the field or at home.

Fix It Sticks has expanded its line of products with the Compact Kit for Sig Sauer pistols. It is a comprehensive kit for setup and maintaining Sig Sauer pistols, including the Fix It T-Handle Ratchet Drive and a Mini All-in-One Torque Driver. [Photo credit: Fix It Sticks]

The Fix It Sticks Compact kit for Sig Sauer pistols has all that you’d need to do a quick fix, whether in the field, at the range, or at home. The kit includes all the tools, hex bits, and wrenches to easily maintain and care for the Sig pistols. The kit also includes a variable torque driver.

The Compact Kit for Sig Sauer pistols includes:

  • Mini All-in-One Torque Driver
  • Ratchet T-Handle w/Locking Hex Drive
  • Brass Hammer
  • Set of two 8-32 Adapters
  • Two Brass Rods
  • T-Pins
  • Cleaning Brush Bit
  • Steel Pick
  • Spring Tool
  • 1/16″ Pin Punch
  • 1/8″ Pin Punch
  • 1/8″ Roll Pin Punch
  • E2 Slide Punch
  • Grip Screw Bit
  • Battery Cap Tool
  • 9 Electroless Nickel Plated Bits:
  • Hex: 5/64”
  • Torx: T6, T10(2”), T15, T20, T25
  • Screwdrivers: 3/32”(2”), 5mm, PH2
  • Compact Carrying Case w/ molded bit holders designed to hold any ¼” bit

According to the company, this kit is a comprehensive selection of pieces that will take care of almost any maintenance or setup task, complete with the versatile Fix It Sticks Ratchet T-Handle with Locking Hex Drive and a Mini All-in-One Torque Driver. The size of the kit is really a key to its ease of use, with it only about the size of two double-stack magazines together. The Compact Kit would fit easily in any range bag, on an ATV, in a vehicle, or wherever it is needed.

The Fix It Sticks Compact Kit for Sig Sauer pistols comes in a compact carrying case that has molded bit holders for secure storage and will hold any ¼” bit. The Compact Kit is available now and has an MSRP of $184.

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Vortex Bringing in Loftier Rings: 1.45″ High 34mm Pro(s)

Vortex makes a solid product. I use some of their stuff myself. The latest addition to their line of riflescope rings is a 34mm Pro that holds 1.45 inches high. So, if their medium-height rings (1.10 inches) weren’t what you needed, maybe these will get you taken care of

Vortex riflescope rings have some nice features that simplify mounting and assure stability. The first, for what they call “out-of-the-box, mount-and-shoot simplicity,” is the laser engraved torque specs on the rings themselves. These will help ensure that you’ll really have to try to under or over-torque your rings. With these markings available, you’ll either have to intentionally screw it up or just be paying no attention at all to get it wrong.

Vortex Pro Rings are now available in 1.45″.

The mounting process itself is done with four T-25 Torx-style socket cap screws; pretty standard fare, that, but far better than using duct tape or zip ties. The rings also have an integrated (meaning directly milled) recoil lug to mitigate stress on those four mounting screws and reduce the effect of recoil impulse on the scope itself.

Note: Vortex says the tolerances on their rings are true enough that there’s no need for lapping them. You’ll have to judge whether that’s appropriate for your particular set. Remember also that the torque specs here are specifically for these Vortex products. Other manufacturers will often have other standards. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware, but if you’re new to scopes, you should know that improper torquing has several negative effects. Over-torquing can damage crimp the outside of the optic, potentially also damaging the internals. It can also degrade accuracy. If you under-torq them, you’re going to find it almost impossible to get a good consistent zero. And you won’t be able to maintain it even if you do!

Don’t buy good glass and cheap rings. Don’t buy good rings and then screw ’em up!



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TALO Releases Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation Pistol

TALO Distributors, Inc., a wholesale buying group with a history of special edition pistols, has announced the Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation pistol for its distributor network, just in time for Memorial Day. A portion of the sale of this pistol will help the Navy SEAL Foundation which provides important support for the veterans and families of Naval Special Warfare.

According to TALO, its programs, and special edition weapons, such as this P320 XCarry pistol, have raised millions of dollars for non-profits. TALO has a history of supporting other worthwhile causes like the USA Shooting Team, Semper Fi, Navy SEAL Foundation, Navy SEAL Museum, Mule Deer Foundation, and the Marine Raiders, to name a few. The company says it is proud to support The Navy SEAL Foundation and work with Sig Sauer to offer another special pistol.

TALO Distributors has teamed up with Sig Sauer to release the P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation pistol. This 9mm XCarry type pistol has the Navy SEAL Foundation logo engraved on the slide and comes with three 21-round steel magazines. A portion of the sales goes directly to the Navy SEAL Foundation to support its mission of supporting SEAL veterans and their families. [Photo credit: TALO Distributors, Inc.]

Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Features

The P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation pistol is a 9mm chambered Luger equipped with the XCarry features you’d expect from SIG. The pistol features an optic cut XCarry slide engraved with the Navy SEAL Foundation logo and the XCarry grip module with magwell. Inside the stainless steel XCarry slide is a 4.6” barrel which is threaded the standard 1/2×28 threads.

The P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation pistol also features suppressor height Xray3 day/night sights on the Nitron-finished slide. The pistol has a stainless steel frame and a flat striker-fired trigger for an overall pistol height of 5.9”. The package is just over 8” in length, weighs just a touch over 30 ounces, and comes with three 21-round steel magazines.

There is no word on pricing from TALO but a quick search shows the Sig Sauer P320 XCarry Navy SEAL Foundation pistol for sale for around $800 to $900. More information, like specific pricing, can be found through TALO’s wholesale members.

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