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True North Concepts MHA Universal Mount

True North Concepts has a company mission of creating the finest mission-essential tools their minds and bodies can build. The company now offers an aftermarket mounting option for non-Safariland holsters with the Modular Holster Adapter (MHA) system. The MHA Universal Mount is designed to allow cross-compatibility with different types of holsters’ quick detach systems.

The Modular Holster Adapter Universal Mount from True North Concepts allows the use of non-Safariland holsters with the Safarlinad 3-hole mounting pattern. (Photo credit: True North Concepts)

The MHA Universal Mount, made of advanced polymer construction, replaces all the preceding adapters for non-Safariland holsters and allows for a wide array of popular holsters to fit with the Modular Holster Adapter system. There are not many aftermarket mounting options for those non-Safariland holsters, so the True North option, opens the doors for many applications that once wouldn’t work, like a G-Code RTI quick detach system used on a Safariland holster.

With the innovative design, the end user can easily and quickly convert their holsters that do not use the Safariland 3-hole pattern. The end user just needs to install the Universal Mount to the back of the holster with the hardware that is included in the package. Once on the holster, the Universal Mount allows the user to mount the holster on the Modular Holster Adapter, or any other belt attachment platform that also uses the Safariland style mounting pattern.

The MHA Universal Mount adds little over half an ounce to the overall weight of the rig, without the hardware. The Universal Mount also ships with a full hardware kit for the holsters listed below that are compatible with it.

The Universal Mount fits the following formats of holster:

  • Blackhawk T-series Duty Holsters
  • Blackhawk EPOCH and OMNIVORE multi-fit Holsters
  • G-Code SOC, OSL, XST holsters
  • Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force Duty Holsters
  • DARA Holsters Duty Holsters
  • Any holster that uses the Safariland 3-hole pattern
  • Supports the use of G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, and T-series (QD2) formats of quick detach systems

The Modular Holster Adapter Universal Mount from True North Concepts is only currently available in black. MSRP is $29.99.

Patti Miller is one of the most awesome females in the tactical/firearm (or any) industry. Imagine a tall, hawt, dangerous Laura Ingalls Wilder type with cool hair and a suppressed blaster and you’ll be getting the idea. What’s interesting is that in addition to being a willing brawler and intrepid adventuress, she’s also an Ent/Ogier level gardener and a truly badass baker.

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Fletcher Rifle Works OpenTop 11/22 Receiver and Rifle

Fletcher Rifle Works, a relative newcomer to the industry has a game changer for the rimfire world with the OpenTop 11/22 receiver and standalone rifle. Making its debut at SHOT Show 2023, the design is packed with innovations.

The Fletcher OpenTop 11/22 solves a problem that has long plagued Ruger 10/22 owners and shooters—how to easily and efficiently clean and maintain the receiver. The design features a top plate that easily removes to give the owner quick access to the receiver to do just that. In addition, the OpenTop 11/22 receiver is compatible with the same parts, barrels, and triggers as the original Ruger.

Fletcher Rifle Works has given the 10/22 world a large upgrade in the OpenTop 11/22 receiver. This design allows for the removal of the top plate for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The receiver is compatible with Ruger parts. (Photo: Fletcher Rifle Works)

Stand-Alone Receiver

The OpenTop 11/22 receiver is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum for sturdy construction and features stainless steel pins, springs, and detents. With the OpenTop design, removing the top plate is as simple as removing the retaining pin and sliding the cover off. With the other 10/22 design, the user has to remove the stock, punch out the trigger pack, and contend with the charging handle spring and bolt. The 11/22 design is a much simpler approach.

The potential drawback with the open-top design is mounting optics. The company reportedly has a couple of options as a remedy. The first is a Picatinny rail constructed from the same billeted material as the receiver for a uniform look and zero shift. This option is great for red dots or iron sights. The second option is still under development—a cantilever Picatinny rail integrated into the top slide for longer optics.

A neat feature of the receiver is a cleaning hole in the back of the receiver for use with a traditional cleaning rod. All without needing to disassemble the receiver from the stock. The receiver is available in either a black anodize or a gun metal finish for $250.  A Cerakote option is also available for $350.


OpenTop 11/22 Rifle is a complete package that includes the OpenTop 11/22 receiver, as discussed above. The rifle receiver is attached to a Magpul Hunter X-22 stock and features a polished steel target match bolt with an improved firing pin design. The barrel is a TacSol 16.5” fluted lightweight barrel that has an anodized aluminum sleeve. It is threaded 1/2×28 with a corresponding thread protector.

Fletcher Rifle Works OpenTop 11/22 Rifle
The OpenTop 11/22 rifle is a complete rifle featuring the OpenTop receiver. This rifle ships with a TacSol 16.5″ threaded barrel, Magpul Hunter X-2 stock, and a Ruger BX trigger. It also comes with a premium hard case, and two 10-round magazines from the factory. (Photo credit: Fletcher Rifle Works)

The rifle has a Ruger BX trigger, with a clean break of around 2.5-3 pounds. The OpenTop 11/22 rifle also has an improved shock-absorbing recoil buffer pin and a skeletonized charging handle. It ships with two 10-round magazines. The rifle weighs just 4.4 pounds and there supposedly is a takedown model in the works. The OpenTop 11/22 rifle has two options for stock colors and receiver colors. MSRP is $875.

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Winchester E-Tech Shotshells: Environmentaly Friendly 12-Gauge

Winchester Ammunition, the largest small caliber ammunition enterprise in the world, has expanded its line of environmentally friendly ammunition to include the E-Tech shotshell. The E-Tech shotshells use wads made from biopolymers that are said to be certified as home compostable.

Winchester Ammunition has expanded its line of environmentally friendly ammunition to include the 12-gauge E-Tech shotshells. These shells use a bio-polymer wad that performs like its plastic counterparts, with a lighter impact on the environment. [Photo credit: Winchester Ammunition]

Winchester, a leader in delivering innovative ammunition products for hunters and sport shooters alike, employs BioAmmo’s one-piece 4-petal shot wad in the E-Tech shotshells. The 4-petal bio-polymer wad produces uniform and consistent patterns, similar to the performance of plastic wads, giving uncompromising pattern performances. The E-Tech load is perfect for those shooters that want to limit the use of plastics in their shooting.

According to Winchester, The E-Tech loads have a consistent muzzle velocity with a high-integrity wad. The shells are engineered to withstand the extreme pressures and velocities when fired, and the expanding gases are tightly sealed by the bio-polymer over powder wads.

These plant-based bio-polymer wads will degrade, break down, and compost over time into the soil, reducing the shooter’s impact on the environment. The environmentally-friendly aspects of the round do not happen at the expense of performance. Additionally, the biopolymer wads have been engineered to match the plastic counterparts for reliable and effective performance on the target.

With Winchester’s dedication to its customers, these shotshells should meet the needs of competition, hunting, or sport shooting needs. The E-Tech is available in 12-gauge in two different sizes: a No. 7.5-lead shot and a No. 6-steel shot, with 25 rounds per box.

The Winchester E-Tech shotshells are a great addition for the shooter that wants to have a gentle impact on their surroundings. The E-Tech shotshells will be available soon but there is no official word on pricing just yet.

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Ambidextrous and Red Dot Compatible

DeSantis Gunhide, a company known for producing remarkable and reliable holsters, has updated an old-school holster with a modern twist giving the #215 Transit Holster new life. The Transit Holster is ambidextrous and red dot compatible, and is available for many different handguns.

DeSantis Gunhide has expanded its family of holsters to include the #215 Transit Holster. This holster is compatible with many different carry pistols (like the Glock 19 shown here) and is an ambidextrous option. (Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide)

True to DeSantis tradition, the Transit Holster has a firm, suede center-cut steer hide for the main body, with a reinforced top with Kydex and saddle leather making it easier to re-holster the carry pistol. The Transit Holster is an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster with a heavy-duty spring steel clip.

Another bonus of the steel clip on the Transit Holster is that it can be easily moved from one side to the other making it ambidextrous. On top of that, many of the models of the #215 Transit Holster is red dot compatible. The combination of the suede and the sturdy ambidextrous heavy-duty clip makes a comfortable yet durable holster. The holster has an MSRP of $49.99.

The full list of holster sizing and compatible pistols is below. This holster comes in sizes to accommodate various models from Glock, Walther, Springfield Armory, H&K, Kahr, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and Sig Sauer.

Patti Miller is one of the most awesome females in the tactical/firearm (or any) industry. Imagine a tall, hawt, dangerous Laura Ingalls Wilder type with cool hair and a suppressed blaster and you’ll be getting the idea. What’s interesting is that in addition to being a willing brawler and intrepid adventuress, she’s also an Ent/Ogier level gardener and a truly badass baker.

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ETS Group Carbon Smoke Series Magazines

The Elite Tactical Systems Group, the manufacturer of popular magazine options, has expanded its line of magazines to include the Carbon Smoke Series magazines. ETS Group states it is committed to producing superior products at affordable prices, especially at a time when costs are rising all around.

ETS has upgraded its family of magazines to include the Carbon Smoke Series of magazines. These dark-colored translucent magazines are resistant to UV, chemicals, and impacts making them a solid choice for any shooter. (Photo credit: Elite Tactical Systems Group)

These dark smoke-colored magazines are resistant to impacts and chemicals, as well as UV rays. Constructed from a proprietary blend of polymers, these magazines will stand the test of time and resist cracking or breaking, and will not become brittle over time even in harsh conditions, according to the ETS Group. The translucent body allows the shooter to easily see how many rounds are left and what type of ammo is loaded. Additionally, the magazines come with enhanced features like non-tilt followers and creep-resistant feed lips meaning the lips and body won’t’ spread when the magazines are stored long-term fully loaded.

ETS Group has a newly built manufacturing facility that gives the company better control over the quality and efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. This has paved the way for this new Carbon Smoke Series line of magazines, which the company says is built better than ever and priced to give users the most out of their money. 

The Carbon Smoke Series is available in different models and round options and are robust as they are reliable. ETS prides itself on being a leading manufacturer of some of the toughest polymer magazines. The company’s drive for no-compromise commitment to its customers is seen in the material selection, product selection, and customer service. The Carbon Smoke Series magazines, like other ETS products, are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.

The ETS Carbon Smoke Series of magazines are available for Glock, AR15, HK, Smith & Wesson, MP5, CZ Evo, and Sig firearms and have a price tag starting at $14.49.

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Schmeisser .22LR Glock Conversion Kits from ATI

American Tactical Imports (ATI), a South Carolina-based manufacturer and importer of firearms, has partnered with German Schmeisser to import the latter .22LR conversion kits for Glock pistols. These kits will be available for the Glock 19 and Glock 17 pistols, Generation 1 through 5.

First shown at SHOT Show 2023, these Glock conversion kits include a drop-in barrel, feed ramps, and cartridge-shaped chambers which fit the .22LR ammunition inside a 9mm magazine. The cartridges are ejected out of the pistol when it is fired, with the .22LR casings inside them. Essentially, the .22LR ammunition slips into a carbon fiber-infused polymer over-molded metal that can be used multiple times.

American Tactical Imports, and Schmeisser of Germany, are bringing the Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit for Glock 17 and Glock 19 pistols to the American market. This kit, consisting of a barrel, feed ramps, and specialty-made chamber adapters, allows .22LR ammunition to be fired from a Glock 17 or Glock 19 pistol. (Photo credit: TFB)

To install the conversion kit, the barrel is swapped out for the kit barrel with no other modifications needed to the host weapon. A word of note about the conversion kit, the .22-caliber bore of the barrel is nonconcentric, rather it’s shifted towards the bottom edge of the barrel. The reasoning behind this is so the Glock centerfire striker can engage the rim of the .22LR rimfired ammunition.

In addition to the off-centered bore of the barrel, when the barrel is installed the host weapon becomes a direct blowback with the fixed barrel installed. The conversion kit is reported to come with 50 chamber adapters, with more adapters available for purchase later in 2023. It is also reported that the conversion kit allows for more cost-effective training and supposedly mimics real 9mm ammunition loading and ejection.

The Schmeisser .22LR conversion kit for Glock pistol is said to have an MSRP of $99.95 and should ship late summer 2023. Some see the conversion kit as a great training tool, but between the collecting of the cartridge-shaped chambers and the pistol feeling like a .22LR when shooting, the ultimate outcome is yet to be seen.

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Turbo Series Lights from SureFire

SureFire, an industry leader in weapon lights, has expanded its product line to include the Turbo family of lights. According to the company, the SureFire Turbo series pushes the limits of both handheld and weapon-mounted light for an upper hand both near and far. The Turbo series of lights deliver high-candela illumination for extreme distances and are ideal for LE or military use. The Turbo series includes options for handheld lights, pistol lights as well as long gun lights.

SureFire has expanded its line-up to include the Turbo series of lights, which dramatically increase the candela levels of the flashlights. The X300T light shown here has a dramatic increase in available candelas and mounts via the rail on the pistol. (Photo credit: Surefire)

Handheld Lights

The handheld lights, the EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT, are the Turbo series versions of the EDC and EDC2 flashlights. The Turbo versions of the flashlights have a significant jump in candela from the other versions, delivering over 70,000 candelas from the SF18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT have the Dual Fuel feature meaning the lights can be powered by the lithium-ion battery or from 123A primary batteries.

The EDC2-DFT is slightly larger than the EDC1-DFT light, but both deliver intense candela when needed. According to SureFire, these EDC flashlights give the farthest-reaching beams of any SureFire EDC handhelds. The handheld lights also have a low-output setting for administrative tasks that don’t require high output.  The EDC1-DFT and the EDC2-DFT come in black, grey, or tan with pricing starting at around $300.

Pistol Lights

SureFire has a couple of pistol lights in the Turbo series as well, the X300T-A and the X400T-A. These two pistol lights have a powerful 66,000 candela in a compact and handgun-practical package. The X400T-A has a highly visible laser, in green or red, for faster target acquisition without having to rely on the gun sights.

The X300T-A and the X400T-A have an ambidextrous push switch for easy usage. Both models of the Turbo pistol lights mount via Picatinny or Universal accessory rails for better compatibility across platforms and are powered by two 123A batteries. Available in both black and tan, pricing for the pistol lights starts around $369 (black) and $379 (tan).

Long Rifle Lights

Turbo Scout Pro Mini from Surefire
The Turbo Series of lights from SureFire includes handheld, pistol, and long gun lights, like the Scout shown above. Each light is available in black or tan. (Photo credit: SureFire)

The Turbo series would not be complete without options for long rifles. The M340DFT Pro and the M640DFT Pro, like the smaller Turbo models, have serious candela upgrades. The M340DFT Pro reportedly has a candela rating of 71,000, just as an example. Both long rifle models are mountable via Picatinny or M-LOK rails, and both feature SureFire’s Dual Fuel power option. The M340DFT Pro and the M640DFT Pro lights start around $400 for the black color and slightly more for other color options.

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Hoptic USA: Optic Solution for Lever-Action Rifles

If you spend time running lever-action rifles, you’ve probably gone through the process of mounting a red dot sight to your gun (or guns). This has varying degrees of difficulty on a lever-action but is rarely simple. Thanks to Hoptics USA, there’s now a direct mounting system available that’s compatible with Henry and Marlin levers. It’s called the Direct Optics Mounting system, and it promises to make levers and red dot sights easy to pair together for your ideal shooting platform.

The Hoptic USA DOM-K is a red dot mounting system for Henry and Marlin lever-action rifles. (Photo credit: Hoptic USA)

Hoptic USA is launching its DOM system mounts with two versions, one for red dots with a Holosun K footprint, and one for Trijicon RMR footprint dots. The DOM-K is the Holosun K compatible model and is described by the company as the DOM-K Cowitness Holosun K Mount with Ghost Ring Sight.

This mount is made to be sleek and compact, so it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk or protrusions, and is available for all rifle caliber Henry and Marlin levers. It’s made from 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III hard anodized for durability and resistance to wear. All mounting hardware is included and the mount is made in the USA.

hoptic usa red dot sight mounts
The DOM system mounts are compatible with rifle-caliber levers made by Henry and Marlin. (Photo credit: Hoptic USA)

The DOM is a compact mounting system compatible with the Trijicon RMR. Its footprint makes it compatible with all  RMR footprint red dots such as the Holosun 507c, 407c, 508T, and Swampfox Liberty. The mount ships with a fully adjustable Williams rear ghost ring sight and everything needed to mount it, including Badger Ordnance Torx head screws. It has an overall weight of 1.3 ounces including the ghost ring. The DOM is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, Type III hard anodized, and made in the USA.

hoptic usa red dot sight mount
The DOM is compatible with Trijicon RMR footprint red dot sights. (Photo credit: Hoptic USA)

What do you think, will you be adding a Hoptic USA red dot mount to your lever action? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

MSRP for the Hoptic USA DOM-K and DOM is set at $99.00.

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Safety Harbor Firearms APC-9 KES Stock

Safety Harbor Firearms has expanded its Kompact Entry Stock, or KES, line to include stock options for the Brugger & Thomet (B&T) APC-9 firearm. The KES line of stocks and stabilizing braces are made for some of the most popular pistol caliber carbines (PCC) options on the market, including the previously launched CZ Scorpion, Grand Power Stribog, MP5 and MP5-K, and Sig Sauer MPX firearms.

The KES line-up of stocks and braces has added an option for the increasingly popular B&T APC-9 pistol. (Photo credit: Safety Harbor Firearms)

With the increased popularity of the B&T, specifically with the APC-9, Safety Harbor Firearms through the addition of the stock was a natural fit. Employing use from a dual-rail design, the KES allows the stock to collapse around the firearm. With traditional side-folding options, firearms are thicker when folded. The KES design adds a little extra length to the firearm but is the same thickness whether extended or retracted.

The ability to keep the firearm the same thickness when the stock is folded is an important feature when it comes to PCC as many users use unconventional storage methods, like backpacks, for their firearms. The APC-9 KES stock is estimated to ship in the summer of 2023. MSRP is $279, which is similar to the MP5 KES models.

B&T APC-9 with KES stock
The KES stock allows the firearm to maintain the original thickness with folded, employing a dual-rail design. This is extremely important for PCC owners that want to show the firearm in a backpack or smaller container. (Photo credit: Safety Harbor Firearms)

In addition to the KES stock, Safety Harbor has developed a stock adapter for the APC-9. KES displayed two different versions of the adapter at SHOT Show 2023 that include a Picatinny rail version and an AR-15 carbine tube mount, both of which feature a QD sling mount.

Also as an update from KES, the SHTF 50 uppers will be coming soon after also showing the uppers at SHOT Show. The uppers, which have been unavailable for quite a while, are now serialized firearms thanks to some recent ATF changes. They will require a transfer through an FFL for ownership. According to Safety Harbor Firearms’ website, the upper will be available with three barrel lengths to choose from and will have a price tag of $185.

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Viridian E Series Green Laser Sights for PSA Dagger

Viridian Weapon Technologies has upgraded its E Series of laser sights to include the Green color option, joining the red laser sight, for the PSA Dagger compact pistol. Viridian asserts that the human eye sees green better than red and continues to move its product lines to include those options.

The E Series of laser sights for the PSA Dagger is specifically made for the concealed carry owner who is after a power laser with an affordable price tag. Viridian states that the E Series Green Laser Sight is essential for daily carry with the most laser power legally available on the market with improved precision and visibility.

The Green Laser Sight can be seen up to 100 yards during the day and up to two miles at night and has a five-minute auto-off function. (Photo credit: Viridian)

“The E SERIES line continues to be a priority and very popular with our customers and partners,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “Palmetto State Armory’s Dagger is a very popular concealed carry option, and our green and red lasers make it that much more versatile for personal protection. When you factor in the fact we also have model-specific holsters made right here at our HQ, it’s easy to see why more people are relying on us to complete their comprehensive EDC system.”

The E Series Green Laser Sight was designed to fit easily on the pistol’s trigger guard and is capable of giving a constant laser with 6+ hours of battery life, according to the company’s website. The laser sights have a user-controlled ambidextrous activation and have a five-minute idle shut-off that preserves the 1/3n battery’s life.

The Viridian E Series Green Laser Sight for the PSA Dagger has easy windage and elevation adjustments, making it a simple choice for laser. The green color allows for rapid target acquisition with a range of up to 100 yards during the day and nearly two miles at night. The Green Laser Sight for the Dagger joins other Viridian PSA Dagger accessories, like the red sight or Kydex holsters that fit the pistol with the laser, for a one-stop shop for Dagger accessories.

Like other Viridian products, the Green Laser Sights are backed up with a seven-year warranty, and the necessary tools for mounting the sight on the pistol. The E Series Green Laser Sight has an MSRP of $149, while the Red Laser Sight option has an MSRP of $132.

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