Bushnell Micro Reflex Sights: Compact Performance

Not all red dot sights are created equally, and when it comes to mounting one to a compact pistol, you might discover it’s too large. It can be hard to effectively conceal your compact pistol with a red dot that’s the wrong size, and that might make you want to forego the sight entirely. There’s a solution, though. The Bushnell RX Micro Reflex sight line is designed to “keep small pistols small” while providing a durable red dot that performs. Bushnell’s line includes the RXU-200 and the RXC-200, both of which are made to exacting specifications and with attention to detail.

The Bushnell RX Micro Reflex line is designed to, as the company says, keep small pistols small. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

The manufacturer provides details regarding the red dots:

Designed for compact semi-auto handguns, the RXC-200 and RXU-200 work across popular optics-ready pistols with the SHIELD Reflex Mini Sight Compact (RMSC) mounting footprint and pattern. Shooters with other handguns can utilize third-party adapter plates or rail mounts to use the RXC-200 and RXU-200 across even more platforms.

At the core of the RXC-200 and RXU-200 is an efficient and clear 6 MOA dot that automatically adjusts intensity for the environment and consumes less energy when holstered or stored. True Tone coatings mitigate blue tint and maximize light transmission. The sights also boast over 50,000 hours of battery life when exposed to typical indoor ambient conditions. Both sights also feature a built-in, backup rear dovetail sight for fast alignment and peace of mind.

Both of the now-available red dots share most of the same features and specs, with the RXC-200 “Compact” featuring a 23.5mm overall height and the RXU-200 “Ultra-Compact” featuring a shorter 19.5mm overall height. Each are slim and streamlined without buttons or protrusions which could snag, but windage and elevation adjustments are easily accessible.

Bushnell RXU-200 red dot sight
The RXU-200 is an ultra-compact version with a shorter lens and chassis with an overall height of just 19.5mm vs. the RXC-200’s 23.5mm height. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

Features of the red dot sights include:

  • The patent-pending distinctive design combines heavy wall construction with sleek lines.
  • The RXC-200 has a traditional height lens and offers a larger viewing window (lens) for a more forgiving dot acquisition. This is for pistol shooters who are newer to red dots or just prefer a larger window.
  • The RXU-200 offers a unique and more compact sighting system for the more proficient red dot user who wants to minimize their concealed carry platform.
  • The RX series of reflex sights are always on, providing brightness based on the ambient lighting conditions. This combined with our extremely efficient clean-dot point-source LEDs provides up to 50,000 hours of run time from a single CR2032 battery. The 6 MOA dot size and strobe/flicker-free illumination increase aiming confidence in stressful scenarios.
  • The RX Series of micro-reflex sights keep small pistols small for everyday carry comfort and concealment while increasing effectiveness.
  • 6 MOA dot with automatic intensity adjustment. Point source LED creates a clean beam that produces a strong dot without wasting energy. Dot intensity automatically adjusts to the environment and consumes less energy when in a holstered or stored state.
Bushnell micro-reflex sight
These micro-reflex sights are made without buttons or protrusions that could snag on something, causing issues with draw stroke. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

These red dots are created to be user-friendly and highly concealable. Both models feature an adjustable 6 MOA dot and, according to Bushnell, long-lasting battery life of up to 50,000 hours.

Bushnell RXC-200 micro red dot sight
The RXC-200 has a more traditional overall height than the RXU-200. (Photo credit: Bushnell)

MSRP for the Bushnell RX Micro Reflex sights is set at $199.99 regardless of model.