Calling Back to the Hi-Power: Springfield Armory’s SA-35

The Springfield Armory SA-35’s official description leads with the line, Don’t call it a classic. Okay, that’s fair — it’s a new gun. But the design is damn sure classic, which at a minimum makes the SA-35 either an homage or a pastiche, or both. 

However you define it, it’s a call back to the Browning Hi-Power, which entered Belgian service in the 30s as the Browning P-35. 

The SA-35 is another Springfield take on an older design. In this case, the result is a modernized version of the venerable Hi-Power that takes a 15-round magazine.

SA says, 

It’s had many names in its century-old history and today, we reimagine this renowned design for modern use. Based on one of the most prolific and popular pistols in small arms history, the Springfield Armory SA-35 gives today’s shooters a modern take on a revered design. Featuring subtle but significant upgrades to John Moses Browning’s original P-35, the 9mm SA-35 captures the appeal of the “wood and steel” era of arms making while offering the upgraded enhancements of today’s defensive pistols.

Made in the U.S.A., the SA-35 features rugged forged steel parts for strength and durability, improved ergonomics and enhanced controls, modern sights, improved feed ramp design, and an increased 15-round capacity. The factory-tuned trigger benefits greatly from the removal of the magazine disconnect found in the original P-35 design allowing for a smooth pull and crisp, clean break.

Call it a legend, call it an icon, but whatever you do, don’t call it a classic.

The Springfield Armory SA-35 modern a nice, somewhat film-noir setting of sorts.
The Springfield Armory SA-35 modern Hi-Power…in a nice, somewhat film-noir setting of sorts. The typewriter is a nice touch, but I may be biased.

Okay, whatever. You say legend, he says classic, I say, Let me shoot this thing, cuz I do love me some Browning Hi-Power. 

Now, because The Mag Life is the official online publication of GunMag Warehouse (oooh, we fancy), I should point this out:


» Springfield Armory SA-35 15-Round Magazine


Springfield Armory SA-35 Specs

Chambering 9mm
Barrel 4.7″ cold hammer-forged
Weight 31.5 oz
Overall Length 7.8″
Sights White dot front, serrated Tactical Rack rear
Grips Checkered walnut
Action Single-action
Finish Blued carbon steel
Capacity 15+1, one magazine included
MSRP $699
Shooting the SA-35 from Springfield
This should be me.

Find the SA-35 on the Springfield Armory website