DeSantis Expands Offerings for Uni-Tuk Kydex Holster

DeSantis Gunhide has expanded its line of Pegasus Kydex holsters to include a new batch of handguns. The Pegasus Kydex Uni-Tuk holster now has fits for certain Glock handguns.

The popular Pegasus Kydex holster line with the Uni-Tuk #206 holster is an Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster. It has been precision molded from Kydex for the front while maintaining a breathable synthetic back. Since the holster is created from molded Kydex, it is strong and durable, without being crazy heavy. In fact, it weighs less than half a pound meaning you won’t feel much beyond the weight of the carry weapon.

DeSantis Gunhide has announced it expanded the offerings for the Pegasus Kydex Uni-Tuk #206 holster to include more Glock pistol options. The molded Kydex front and synthetic back of the Uni-Tuk along with the adjustable fit measures of the holster make it a great option for those looking for a lightweight but solid holster. [Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide]


The synthetic back of the holster gives the holster the comfort of the “breathable” platform while keeping the carry weapon secure. It allows for air movement between the skin of the user and the holster which helps keep the wearer cooler than traditional holsters, as implied by DeSantis.

The holster features the Uni-Tuk system that has multiple points of tensioning to ensure a customized fit for the wearer. Additionally, the Uni-Tuk #206 has DeSantis’s proprietary Tuckable 360 C Clip which is able to be adjusted for both height and cant with a full 360° of rotation. Also, the holster has DeSantis’ built-in Spur that acts like a claw and enhances concealment, according to the company.

The upgrade for the Uni-Tuk #206 means that it now can fit with Glock 19, 23, 32, 45, 19X, and 19 Gen 5 pistols with or without a red dot and TLR-7A. These models of pistols join an already impressive list of makes like Springfield Armory Hellcat OPS 3” and Hellcat 3”, Sig P365 line with P365 and XL models with the Romeo Zero optic, and most Smith & Wesson Shield models including the new Performance Center pistol.

DeSantis Gunhide has a long history of making solid holsters for municipal, state, and federal agencies along with the civilian markets. There is no doubt this upgraded Uni-Tuk holster will follow that path. With the American-made production, the holster is currently only available in black with right- or left-hand carry options. The Uni-Tuk #206 Pegasus Kydex holster from DeSantis Gunhide has an MSRP of $96.99 and is available now.

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