Fletcher Rifle Works OpenTop 11/22 Receiver and Rifle

Fletcher Rifle Works, a relative newcomer to the industry has a game changer for the rimfire world with the OpenTop 11/22 receiver and standalone rifle. Making its debut at SHOT Show 2023, the design is packed with innovations.

The Fletcher OpenTop 11/22 solves a problem that has long plagued Ruger 10/22 owners and shooters—how to easily and efficiently clean and maintain the receiver. The design features a top plate that easily removes to give the owner quick access to the receiver to do just that. In addition, the OpenTop 11/22 receiver is compatible with the same parts, barrels, and triggers as the original Ruger.

Fletcher Rifle Works has given the 10/22 world a large upgrade in the OpenTop 11/22 receiver. This design allows for the removal of the top plate for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The receiver is compatible with Ruger parts. (Photo: Fletcher Rifle Works)

Stand-Alone Receiver

The OpenTop 11/22 receiver is CNC machined from solid billet aluminum for sturdy construction and features stainless steel pins, springs, and detents. With the OpenTop design, removing the top plate is as simple as removing the retaining pin and sliding the cover off. With the other 10/22 design, the user has to remove the stock, punch out the trigger pack, and contend with the charging handle spring and bolt. The 11/22 design is a much simpler approach.

The potential drawback with the open-top design is mounting optics. The company reportedly has a couple of options as a remedy. The first is a Picatinny rail constructed from the same billeted material as the receiver for a uniform look and zero shift. This option is great for red dots or iron sights. The second option is still under development—a cantilever Picatinny rail integrated into the top slide for longer optics.

A neat feature of the receiver is a cleaning hole in the back of the receiver for use with a traditional cleaning rod. All without needing to disassemble the receiver from the stock. The receiver is available in either a black anodize or a gun metal finish for $250.  A Cerakote option is also available for $350.


OpenTop 11/22 Rifle is a complete package that includes the OpenTop 11/22 receiver, as discussed above. The rifle receiver is attached to a Magpul Hunter X-22 stock and features a polished steel target match bolt with an improved firing pin design. The barrel is a TacSol 16.5” fluted lightweight barrel that has an anodized aluminum sleeve. It is threaded 1/2×28 with a corresponding thread protector.

Fletcher Rifle Works OpenTop 11/22 Rifle
The OpenTop 11/22 rifle is a complete rifle featuring the OpenTop receiver. This rifle ships with a TacSol 16.5″ threaded barrel, Magpul Hunter X-2 stock, and a Ruger BX trigger. It also comes with a premium hard case, and two 10-round magazines from the factory. (Photo credit: Fletcher Rifle Works)

The rifle has a Ruger BX trigger, with a clean break of around 2.5-3 pounds. The OpenTop 11/22 rifle also has an improved shock-absorbing recoil buffer pin and a skeletonized charging handle. It ships with two 10-round magazines. The rifle weighs just 4.4 pounds and there supposedly is a takedown model in the works. The OpenTop 11/22 rifle has two options for stock colors and receiver colors. MSRP is $875.