Garmin Foretrex 801 and 901 Units: Wrist-Mounted GPS

Garmin has released two new members to its Foretrex family of wrist-based GPS units, the Foretrex 801 and the Foretrex 901 Ballistic Edition. Both units are reportedly geared toward outdoor and tactical purposes.

“Foretrex is an essential piece of kit for adventurers, tactical personnel, and competitive rifle enthusiasts who need robust, dedicated features that can be quickly accessed while keeping their hands free. Now with enhanced positional accuracy and dedicated features for special applications, the Foretrex 801 and 901 will be indispensable tools whether on assignment or at your next competition.” – Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales.

The Foretrex 801, shown above, is a wrist-mounted GPS unit that is rugged and easy to use. The new model has a Stealth tracking mode as well as a Kill switch. [Photo credit: Garmin]

Foretrex Unit Features

The Foretrex 801 and 901 come with additional features like Stealth Mode and a Kill Switch. The Stealth Mode collects distances traveled without recording the actual location data, which would be especially helpful in training or during operations. The information can then be uploaded without revealing any pertinent information. The Stealth Mode would be helpful if the unit is ever lost. The Kill Mode on the Foretrex 801 and 901 quickly and efficiently return the unit to factory settings, erasing all stored data on the unit.

Both the Foretrex 801 and the 901 units support external ANT+ sensors and other Garmin units like the InReach. When used together, users can receive InReach messages on the unit and can interact with the SOS function if needed. The Foretrex 901 can also pair the device with compatible rangefinders to receive range data and provide ballistic data back to said rangefinder. This is in addition to the compatibility with the AB Synapse – Garmin app.

Garmin Foretrex 901 Ballistic Edition
The Foretrex 901 Ballistic Edition unit is a wrist-mounted GPS unit with built-in ballistic capabilities. In addition to the features of the 801, the 901 is compatible with the AB Synapse – Garmin app for managing ballistic profiles on the go. (Photo credit: Garmin)

The units also have advanced sensors for better accuracy in the field. They use an integrated multiband signal reception technology for extra positional accuracy. Additionally, both units are equipped with multi-GNSS that allows the unit to receive signals from more than one satellite, upping performance in difficult environments.

The Foretrex 801 and 901 both have a large 2.2” monochromatic display and are easy to read in different light conditions including night vision goggles. The units run on two AA batteries that can be changed on the go. They’re built to mil-spec standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance ratings.

The Foretrex 801 has a price tag of $249.99 while the Foretrex 901 has a price tag of $599.99.