Gemtech’s New Suppressor – Meet the MIST-22V

Gemtech Suppressors, a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson, has released their new integrally suppressed barrel, the Gemtech MIST-22V. It’s a full barrel replacement for the .22lr Smith & Wesson Victory pistol.

Gemtech announced their latest new product, the new Gemtech MIST-22V. The all-in-one product is a barrel and suppressor as one for easy swap out for the Smith & Wesson .22lr Victory pistol standard barrel.

Gemtech Suppressors has a rich history in the suppressor industry that dates back to the 1960s with Dr. Dater. With intriguing designs, such as last year’s complete M&P 15-22 upper, they brought the well-known suppression system to the Victory pistol with the MIST-22V.

The MIST-22V is an all-in-one barrel replacement for the standard barrel that features Gemtech’s patented G-Core monocore design. The 3-inch barrel along with the suppressor gives the full length of 8.95 inches overall, making it shorter than a barrel and suppressor traditionally attached at the end.

Gemtech Mist-22V shooting
With the patented stainless steel G-Core technology, the Gemtech MIST-22V is said to offer better sound reduction than standard mounted suppressors in a system that is also shorter than a non-integral barrel and suppressor system.

The barrel is made from .410 stainless steel, G-Core from stainless steel as well, and the suppressor tube constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum combine to give the unit its lightweight. The overall diameter of the unit tops out at 1.12” and the MIST-22V weighs just under 11 ounces. With a black Cerakote finish, the Gemtech MIST-22V has a clean look that will blend into the overall look of the Smith & Wesson Victory pistol.

Gemtech MIST-22V Specifications

  • Caliber: .22lr
  • Diameter: .950″ – 1.12″
  • Overall Length: 3″ (barrel)/ 8.95″ overall
  • Weight: 10.9 oz.
  • Mount Type: Fits onto the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Pistol only
  • Full Auto Rated: No
  • Tube Finish: Matte Black Cerakote
MIST-22V from Gemtech Suppressors
Gemtech, a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson, brought the G-Core technology to the Gemtech MIST-22V system for a complete replacement of the standard barrel on the Smith & Wesson .22lr Victory pistol. The overall length of the system is just under 9 inches and weighs less than 11 ounces.

“Due to its short (3 inch) barrel length, all 22LR ammunition with a factory listed velocity of 1,600 feet per second or less will deliver subsonic performance. G-CORE Technology — Patented Stainless Steel G-CORE design is durable, easy to clean, and light weight. Reliability — MIST-22V delivers the same accuracy and reliability with a wide range of 22LR ammunition that customers have come to expect from the SW22 Victory design.

Silent by Design — The Gemtech MIST-22V is the ultimate signature suppression system designed for use on the SW22 Victory pistol. The MIST-22V replaces the standard barrel with a barrel/suppressor combo, designed to provide superb suppression in a compact package.”

Integrally suppressed
Anthony Proto, from Gemtech Suppressors, stated in their release video that the MIST-22V offers a top-of-the-class sound reduction for the pistol and that it is so quiet you have to hear it to believe.

According to Gemtech, the new MIST-22V offers sound suppression and an overall length that the traditionally mounted suppressors can’t deliver. Gemtech has stated that the MIST-22V offers sound reduction that “you have to hear to believe.”

The Gemtech MIST-22V integral pistol barrel comes with an MSRP of $490 and is said to be available now.