Midwest Industries Glock Block: For Stable Building

Whether you’re building a gun, repairing it, or adding aftermarket accessories, it’s helpful to have a solid base to work from. For Glock owners, there’s the Midwest Industries Glock Pistol Caliber Carbine Block. 

The Midwest Industries Glock Pistol Caliber Carbine Block is designed to fit Glock 9mm/.40cal and 10mm/.45cal style firearms. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

Midwest’s block is compatible with a variety of calibers and made to lock tightly into a vice, holding your gun still for a far better workspace. There’s not much more frustrating than a gun that slips and moves while you’re trying to install new parts.

Troy Storch, Owner of Midwest Industries, said:

Customizing your Glock has never been simpler. This revolutionary block offers a secure solution to help you maintain and repair your firearms.

Midwest Industries Glock Block
The Glock Pistol Caliber Carbine Block is designed to fit securely in a vice, holding your gun still while you work on it. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

Soldier Systems provided details of the block:

Elevating your pistol is easier with the newest addition to our tool family. The first of its kind, this high-quality block makes it easy to build and maintain a variety of firearm platforms that use the Glock magazine pattern. Offering a secure solution for easy customization, maintenance, and repair, this tool is designed for target shooters, law enforcement, and gun enthusiasts alike.

The high-strength polymer block fastens to a vice and locks into your magwell without compromising the finish of your firearm. Like all Midwest Industries products, it is 100% made in the USA so your build always meets the mark.

Midwest Industries Glock Block in vice with Glock magwell fitted over the Block for servicing
One end of the block fits in the magwell of your Glock and the other rests in your vice, providing a stable platform to work on the gun. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)


  • Fits Glock 9mm/.40cal and 10mm/.45cal style firearms
  • Compatible with PCCs and handguns (Kriss Vector, Ruger PC Carbine, and Glock 19/21)
  • High-strength polymer construction
  • Mounting holes for attachment to bench or alternative work surface
  • Securely locks firearm in magwell for maintenance
  • Multiple points of contact for vice use
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Height: 7.75 inches
  • Length: 7.75 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches
  • 100% Made in the USA
Glock Block caliber indicator
Each end of the block is labeled by caliber so the user is aware of which end is designed for the proper fit in their gun. (Photo credit: Midwest Industries)

The block is manufactured from a durable polymer for longevity and resistance to wear. Midwest Industries made it compatible with multiple calibers by designing either end of the block for different calibers; each end of the block is clearly marked with the relevant chambering. That means the user will get a secure fit in the magwell of their gun with no guesswork.

Glocks have almost endless accessories and customization options, so it’s good to have the means to lock the gun in place while working on it. 

MSRP for the Midwest Industries Glock Pistol Caliber Carbine Block is set at $39.95.