SHOT 2023: Benelli Lupo in 308 Win and 30-06

A well-made bolt-action rifle is a thing of beauty, and the Benelli Lupo family of bolts has proven itself as a versatile platform. Now, Benelli is expanding the family by adding bolt-action rifles with walnut stocks chambered in 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. The newest additions to the Lupo line are designed and manufactured according to the company’s strict dedication to quality control. These rifles are a stellar option for target shooting and hunting alike.

The Benelli Lupo with a walnut stock is now available in 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield. (Photo credit: Benelli)


Benelli introduced the Lupo line of bolt-action rifles in 2020, and it immediately gained a following. The Lupo is popular for its innovative engineering design and out-of-the-box aesthetic, not to mention its performance on targets down-range. According to the gun maker, the Lupo is capable of delivering fantastic point-of-aim/point-of-impact performance similar to what you’d expect from a specialty custom rifle. This is a bolt-action rifle that outperforms the shooter’s expectations right out of the box.

benelli lupo in 308 win and 30-06 springfield
The gun has a 22-inch barrel and is designed for superior precision. (Photo credit: Benelli)


Fans of the 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield will be pleased with Benelli’s broadening the Lupo lineup to include those as two new calibers. The newest models will feature the company’s beautifully presented AA-Grade satin walnut stock, which has a well-crafted classic look. Other calibers offered in the walnut stock are 300 Win Mag and 6.5 Creedmoor. As for the new rifles, both are being offered with Benelli’s proven 22-inch Crio-treated barrels. These rifles also have the Benelli Surface Treatment (BE.S.T.)  for superior protection against corrosion, rust, and wear and tear. The BE.S.T. treatment comes with a 25-year warranty.
benelli lupo rail
The rifle has a Picatinny rail atop the receiver, making it easy to add optics. (Photo credit: Benelli)


The Benelli Lupo has a modern chassis system that hosts numerous features designed to enhance both comfort and precision performance. Features include a free-floating barrel which is attached to a hardened steel barrel extension. The barrel is then bedded to a steel block in the alloy receiver for durability and accuracy. The bolt of the Lupo has a trio of locking lugs and a 60-degree throw for smooth cycling and manipulation.


And, of course, there’s the gun’s adjustable trigger with a range between 2.2 to 4.4 pounds, so the shooter can adjust pull weight according to their personal preferences and needs. Benelli states the trigger has a crisp break and is made to facilitate the reduction of shooter-induced shot disturbance. The Lupo system is guaranteed capable of three-shot, sub-MOA accuracy.


Benelli lupo being fired
The Lupo line is a great choice for target shooting and hunting. (Photo credit: Benelli)


Features of the Benelli Lupo include:

  • New 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield chamberings.
  • AA Satin Walnut stock.
  • 22-inch barrel.
  • Picatinny rail over the receiver for easy mounting of optics.
  • Trigger adjustable between 2.2 and 4.4 pounds.
  • Trigger adjustable for reach.
  • Combtech cheek pad to reduce felt recoil and help the shooter get a proper cheek weld.
  • Integrated swivel mounts for aftermarket accessories.
  • Detachable box-style magazine.
  • Stock spacers for adjustable length of pull.

MSRP for the Benelli Lupo in 308 Winchester or 30-06 Springfield is set at $2199.00.