SnapSafe Under Bed Safe: Heavy Duty Security

If you’re trying to find a new or better way to secure your firearms when they’re not in use, SnapSafe has you covered. Their Under Bed Safe line is designed to provide fantastic security in an out-of-the-way location. This family of safes delivers the quality and attention to detail you’d expect from SnapSafe, and in three different sizes, so you have options. Remember, it’s your responsibility as a gun owner to ensure your firearms are secured.

The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe is made to provide out-of-sight security for your firearms. (Photo credit: SnapSafe)

Some homeowners prefer long guns as their home defense weapon. Whether it’s a shotgun or AR-15, these firearms provide gun owners with peace of mind at night, but they do require larger storage containers than handguns. That’s where SnapSafe comes in with the solution: the Under Bed Safe. These safes keep larger firearms such as long guns secure while leaving room for ammunition, and other valuables. They offer quick access and a slide-out tray so firearms can be removed when needed.

snapsafe under bed safe sizes
The safes come in three different sizes, so you can choose what best suits your needs and available space. (Photo credit: SnapSafe)

Three sizes of SnapSafe Under Bed Safes offer secure storage so you can select the size that fits your space. After all, all bed frames aren’t the same, so you’ll want the safe that fits the available space while also being large enough for your firearm. All safes are made with a narrow enough profile to fit under most bed frames. Large and XXL models are designed to be wide enough to hold most shotguns and carbines, and can also hold more than one firearm. The medium-sized safe is a good fit for pistols, ammunition, lights, and various valuables.

snapsafe under bed safe keypad
The safes have a digital keypad for additional security. (Photo credit: SnapSafe)

All Under Bed Safes feature a digital lock that uses a user-programmable three to eight-digit access code. The safes can be opened with the push-button keypad or by utilizing a key backup. For additional security, these safes have a pry-resistant door and heavy-duty 14-gauge steel construction blocks. In addition, the safes come pre-drilled to facilitate permanent installation and can also be anchored with a durable cable.

Under Bed Safe Features Include:

  • Three sizes: medium, large, and XXL.
  • Slide-out drawer to store firearms, jewelry, documents, and more.
  • Digital lock with key backup is programmable with a three to eight-digit access code.
  • The pry-resistant door keeps unauthorized users from gaining access.
  • 14-gauge steel construction, with pre-drilled holes for permanent installation, so the safe cannot be dragged away.
  • The Robust 5-foot cable can be anchored to a stationary object.

MSRP for the SnapSafe Under Bed Safes varies by size but starts at $481.99.