Taran Butler on the Sig MPX 9mm Competition PCC

There are lots of top-notch reviewers out there, but when Taran Butler talks about a competition gun, it’s a big deal. The dude has won almost every competition that’s worth winning. Multiple times. I say almost because I don’t think he competes in Western shooting. Plus, he trained John Wick. But I digress. Here Taran gives us a quick rundown of the Sig MPX 9mm PCC.

Taran Butler gives us an “Honest Review” of the Sig MPX 9mm PCC

Note that this is the competition version, which has a couple of minor differences from the standard version, mainly the addition of a compensator instead of a flash hider.


Sig MPX Features

Taran gets into the gun’s features straight away. (In the interest of thoroughness, I pulled some of these from the Sig website.)

• 16” carbon steel barrel with a 1:10 twist rate and 13.5x1mm threads
• Telescoping 5 position folding stock
• Drop-in match-grade single-stage Timney trigger
• 15” M-Lok handguard for your accessories Lights & Lasers 
• Sig compensator
• Improved built-in mag well for the 30 round MPX mag (ships with one mag) 10 and 20 round mags also available Rifle Magazines
• Overall length: 35.25” (Sig doesn’t say whether this is with the stock extended or not.)
• Weight: 6.63 lbs
• “Different bolt carrier.” The only detail on how it’s different is that “It pivots.” Sounds like a rotating bolt.
Sig Romeo red dot. Taran says this is included on the competition version. 

Shooting the Sig MPX 9mm PCC

Being Taran Butler, he gets right into the shooting.

Taran Butler shooting the Sig MPX 9mm PCC.
Taran Butler shooting the Sig MPX 9mm PCC. He feeds it 115, 124, and 147-grain ammo.

With the compensator, the lighter bullets supposedly shoot flatter but the heavier, in this case, the 147 grains, shoot softer. Taran’s experience bears this out and he recommends the 147-grain bullet with this setup. “Shoots really soft, really nice,” he says, later followed by the comment that the gun “…shot so damn soft compared to other guns of its nature.” So, I’d say that’s confirmation right there.

Sig MPX 9mm PCC ammunition
The MPX ran flawlessly with a wide range of bullet weights and manufacturers.

On the trigger, Taran says that the gun ships with “a little heavier trigger than I’m used to…but definitely better than stock.” After going through a few mags, he says of the trigger, “Twenty minutes with my gunsmith, and this thing will be like a sewing machine.” So, it sounds like the trigger is good, he just wants to tweak it the way he likes it. No big deal.

We get a glimpse of the gun’s reliability when he mixes a mag with all three bullet weights, from several manufacturers, and fires it quickly. Granted, it was only one mag, but the mag and the gun performed flawlessly. Taran also comments on the barrel, saying “the barrels on these guns are accurate as hell.” He says he holds tight groups at 75 to 100 yards.

Sig MPX 9mm PCC magazine
The MPX ships with one 30 round mag. 10 and 20 rounders are also available.

For comparison, Taran pulls out an earlier version of the gun and runs a few drills with it. Now, he has run this particular gun for a long time, and it has been personalized to him, unlike the test gun. But it shows what the gun can be and, let’s be honest, any competitor is going to set the gun up so it’s best for them.

This review was truly a pleasure to watch, and I chuckled when he said the gun was “like legal full auto, it does all the work for me. A sewing machine of shreddingness.” I’d say the shooter had a little something to do with that but having a great gun doesn’t hurt.

The final verdict is unequivocal: Out of the box, though you can do some stuff with it if you want, “To me, the Sig…is probably the ultimate gun for PCC. The best 9mm carbine out there.”

The Sig Sauer MPX 9mm PCC.
The Sig Sauer MPX 9mm PCC. (Image source: Sig Sauer)

Strong words but, as always, check it out for yourself. I mean, who doesn’t want their own “sewing machine of shreddingness?”

For another opinion, read this: “Best 9mm Carbine? Sig MPX”. If you aren’t familiar with Taran Butler, you can read up on him at Taran Tactical Innovations