XS Sights R3D Night Sights for Kimber K6s: Make the Shot, Day or Night

XS Sights, a leader in aftermarket night sights for firearms, has expanded its lineup of R3D Night Sights to include options for the Kimber K6s revolver. This gives the owners of this compact revolver more options beyond factory sights.

“Being able to see your sights in any light is critical in self-defense situations, and our R3D Night Sights are designed for this,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The R3D, with its Glow Dot technology and wider notch, is a significant upgrade that gives gun owners confidence in their ability to make the shot day or night.”

XS Sights has expanded its R3D Night Sight family to include an option for the Kimber K6s revolver. These are available with either a green or orange tritium dot. The sights can also be purchased as a set or only the front sight. [Photo credit: XS Sights]


The R3D night sights are CNC machined from solid steel bar stock at XS Sight’s Texas facility. They are equipped with the company’s proprietary Glow Dot with a tritium center for dual illumination. The Glow Dot absorbs the ambient light and glows in low-light situations while also absorbing light from the tritium. According to the company, the sight design naturally draws the shooter’s eye to the brighter front sight and beyond. This helps with more accurate target acquisition.

The sights are available in both green or orange high-contrast front sights. They can also be purchased as either just the front sight or in a set. The rear sight is a 2-dot, blacked-out tritium sight with an anti-reflective coating so as not to outshine the front sight but will allow for proper alignment with the front sight.

The XS Sights R3D Night Sight has a 12-year warranty on the tritium. XS Sights recommends a gunsmith for installation due to the front sight needing to be drilled for the retention pin. The company also notes that the sights will only fit the K6s and not the K6xs revolver. MSRP is $73 for just the front sight and $138 for the complete set.

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