Zulu6 HDX: New Binos from SIG Electro-Optics

SIG Sauer, specifically SIG Electro-Optics, has announced the availability of their Zulu6 HDX image-stabilized binos. They look to be intended as hunting binoculars, but as with any good binos of this size, you can obviously use them for whatever you want. I keep a small pair of binos in my truck and a much smaller monocular in my “road bag.” Binos are an often-overlooked piece of “vehicle EDC” and travel in general.

Using the release tagline, stability equals clarity (which is correct), SIG explains that their proprietary Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, combined with their HDX lenses, provides a full-resolution image without a tripod. Anyone who has spent much time glassing knows a tripod is a frequently cumbersome but effective force multiplier for visual detection. If SIG’s claim is accurate, these will be an effective addition to your kit. HDX lenses are designed to enhance light transmission, resolution, and definition, which obviously is a Good Thing. I don’t know the science behind it, but I’ve used other SIG binos and it really is good glass.

The Zulu6 HDX has two different modes of operation: SCAN and TARGET. The onboard OIS mitigates or eliminates the effects of shaking and vibration.

  • Scan mode is designed specifically for scanning and terrain grid division.
  • Target mode is intended to lock in on game and targets after using scan mode.

Target mode reportedly increases stability by up to 50% greater than the already-stabilized image generated by the OIS working in scan mode. This will naturally improve target ID and detail acquisition.

Available magnification options include:

  • 10X     (Objective Lens Diameter/Eye Relief 30mm/15mm) Field of View 5.2º
  • 12X     42mm/17mm   FoV 3.8º
  • 16X     42mm/14mm   FoV 3.8º
  • 20X     42mm/15mm   FoV 3.3º

SIG electro optics zulu6 hdx

Weight and length vary by model. Their length ranges from about six inches on the small end (10X) to just a bit over seven inches on the large end (20X); their weight is similar, from 19.2 ounces to 21.9.

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