AllTerra Arms Introduces Left-Hand Rifles

AllTerra Arms, the Idaho-based manufacturer of precision bolt-action rifles with exclusive patented technology, recently added left-handed rifles to their expanded offerings. All rifle models are available in the left-handed configuration and include AllTerra Arms’ innovative Carbon Hunter Stock re-designed for southpaw shooters. The redesign for the lefties comes complete with a negative cheek comb and tilted palm swell to promote exceptional shooting form while managing recoil.

AllTerra Arms, of Boise, Idaho, recently announced the expansion of their precision rifle line to include left-handed options for their entire bolt-action product line.

“Aside from engineering the bolt and safety to the other side of the gun, all of our patented technology is built into every left-handed rifle we build,” says AllTerra Arms’ Founder, Drew Foster.

AllTerra Arms rifle
The redesign for left-handed shooters comes with a negative cheek comb and a tilted palm swell to promote good shooting form while managing the recoil.

The technology Foster alludes to includes AllTerra’s patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment that features a Dual-Lock Barrel Seal and .0005” machining tolerances to achieve exact rifle concentricity and bench-rest accuracy. The patented receiver design also delivers No-Fail Cycling when working the action. Relaxed tolerances are purposely engineered between the bolt and receiver when cycling. Taking it a step further, the patented conical lugs engage and lock into a unique elliptical raceway, so the surfaces literally “self-clean” with every cycle. This sends debris out of harm’s way when chambering cartridges. The rifle will never jam or fail, guaranteed.

AllTerra Arms rifle in field
AllTerra Arms employs patented systems that come with an exceptional no jam or fail guarantee for every rifle. The system is supposedly self-cleaning, in a matter of speaking, something right- and left-handed shooters can both enjoy.

Like all AllTerra Arms rifles, left-handed models are so accurate that they’re backed by an unprecedented accuracy guarantee that promises sub-1/2” 3-shot groups with premium factory ammo; sub-1/4” 3-shot groups with custom AllTerra Arms ammunition; and no significant change in accuracy when shooting different bullet weights.

The company is currently accepting orders from left-handed shooters.

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