Burris Signature LRF 2000 Rangefinder

Burris Optics is stepping into a new realm with its Signature line of rangefinders. The line of rangefinders is said to help fill the gap between Burris’ advanced rangefinding riflescopes and the rangefinding archery sights. The Signature LRF 2000 reportedly gives fast results out to 2400 yards.

Burris has entered the rangefinder market with its Signature series LRF 2000 rangefinder. The unit has a rubber exterior with a sophisticated program inside for accurate data and feedback. [Photo credit: Burris]

According to the company, the Signature LRF 2000 is the perfect companion for the consumer’s Burris riflescope and it redefines speed in a rangefinder. It is designed to be useful in both firearm as well as archery situations and has different ranging modes to choose from with Auto, Sport, Hunt, or scan modes. The Auto mode displays the range of the target with the strongest return signal while the Sport mode goes for the closest target in a group. The Hunt mode displays the farthest range in a group of targets, which is especially helpful when foliage is also in the picture.

It is built with a rugged armored rubber exterior to ensure a solid grip regardless of the conditions and helps protect the system from light drops. Within the solid exterior is what Burris calls a sophisticated program and laser rangefinding system that is user customizable with real-time data and operation feedback for a higher degree of accuracy in any setting. The Signature LRF 2000 has a sealed nitrogen-filled chassis for waterproof and fog proof performance.

Burris Signature LRF 2000 rangefinder in hand
The Signature LRF 2000 from Burris has different display options and modes to choose from to match whatever the hunter needs. [Photo credit: Burris Optics]

The Signature LRF 2000 also allows the user to select the preferred display option for the data. The user can choose from line-of-sight (LOS) only, horizontal distance (HOR) only, LOS and HOR, LOS and angle (ANG) above and below horizontal, and HOR and ANG together. With the 7x magnification and HD glass, the rangefinder makes it easy to find targets and get accurate information up to 2,400 yards or 2,194 meters. The Signature LRF 2000 is accurate to within 1 yard at under 1,000 yards and within 2 yards over 1,000 yards.

Rounding out the features of the Signature LRF 2000 is an adjustable eyepiece that ensures a crisp focus for any shooter with its +/-6 diopter adjustment range. The Burris Signature LRF 2000 rangefinder has a battery life of 2000 ranges with 1 CR2 battery and has an MSRP of $360.