Comp-Tac Releases Their CT3 Level III Duty Holster

Comp-Tac just released the CT3 Level III retention holster. They say it gives “unparalleled fit, security, and draw speed.”

CT3 Level III Holster in black. (Photo courtesy of Comp-Tac)

About the CT3

The CT3 is a Level 3 holster that uses friction, an ejection port lock, and a hood that must be released before the firearm can be drawn. The CT3 is designed with the intent that a master grip is achieved before fully withdrawing the weapon. This combined with the autolocking ejection port lock and the intuitive self-activated hood system makes this one of the fastest Level 3 holsters available on the market today. This holster is available for fits with lights and in fits without lights.

The CT3 comes with a belt mount and integrated drop offset already assembled, however among the list of additional accessories is also a mid ride belt mount and the QLS Adaptor plate.

“The CT3 is the result of two years of design, testing and partnership between Comp-Tac and multiple departments and members of the law enforcement community,” explained Gordon Carrell general manager of Comp-Tac. “For years, Comp-Tac has been a leading supplier of concealed carry and off duty equipment. We wanted to be able to take the skills that we have acquired and the relationships we have built in the industry to offer a solution for the men and women on the front lines of our law enforcement, military and all users wanting multiple levels of retention.”

Comp-Tac CT3 Holster
CT3 Holster. (Photo courtesy of Comp-Tac)

Key Features

  • Three levels of retention
  • Available for fits with lights and without lights
  • Belt mount is designed to keep the firearm from canting into the wearer’s leg
  • Allows for a Master Grip before fully withdrawing the firearm
  • Hood can be released without releasing firearm
  • One of the fastest draws in the Level 3 market
  • Very intuitive to use

The holsters are $150.00 and obtainable for specific CZ, Glock, Sig, and Walther models. They are available in a variety of colors.

About Comp-Tac

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is devoted to designing and manufacturing the highest quality concealed carry, competition, tactical holsters and related accessories on the market. Comp-Tac products offer options that make it easy and comfortable to carry a firearm for all our customers: law enforcement, military, shooting sports enthusiasts and responsibly armed citizens. We build with the customer in mind, ensuring speed of manufacturing, quality of product, competitive pricing and superior customer service to support the desire to take responsibility for personal safety, security and recreational firearm use.

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