CZ Releases the Highly-Anticipated Custom A01-SD OR Pistol

They did it, boys and girls. CZ USA has finally released the highly anticipated Custom A01-SD OR pistol, the next iteration of the hammer-fired Shadow Series. Built around a hammer-forged, CNC-machined frame, this performance-enhanced, optics-ready semi-auto handgun is geared toward competitive shooters and collectors. Equipped with a fixed rear sight mounted on a removable cover plate, the A01-SD OR ships with DPP and RMR adapter plates, allowing users to mount a variety of common optics to the pistol right out of the box. Not to mention, the factory-installed fiber optic front sight allows for intuitive cowitnessing with most mounted optics and offers amazing clarity in darn near any lighting condition.


The all-new CZ A01 SD OR Pistol is a feature-rich competition pistol. (Photo credit: CZ USA)

CZ officially unveiled the pistol at SHOT Show 2023, and as expected, it’s being received with excitement, curiosity, and tons of fanfare from CZ fans and sport shooters nationwide. The design team shifted the pistol’s balance point closer to the shooter’s hand for improved control and reliable accuracy, while the high-strength forged steel frame and 4.9″ bull barrel enhance accuracy and really do a nice job of mitigating all felt recoil for incredible control and lightning-fast follow-up shots. The custom shop A01-SD OR pistol includes a conveniently located manual thumb safety as well for dependable field service and safe handling. Further ergonomic enhancements include a deep beavertail and undercut trigger guard for a natural grip and superior pointability, while raised 25 LPI checkering and durable G10 grips provide a snug, non-slip grip with sweaty or gloved hands. The Custom A01-SD OR also features a drop-safe CZC 85 Combat double-action/single-action trigger with about a crisp 8.5lb. and 3.5-lb. pull, respectively.

Coming with a hefty $2,699 price tag, the A01-SD OR pistol isn’t your everyday pistol or beginner’s CZ. It’s truly a handgun made for professionals looking to ring targets and carry home the gold.