Davidson’s Exclusive Gunsite Glock Service Pistol in 9mm

Davidson’s, a wholesaler and distributor of firearms, accessories, and ammunition, has an extensive list of exclusive firearms and packages in their catalog. Adding to that catalog, the company has collaborated with Glock, Holosun, and Gunsite Academy in Arizona to come up with the Gunsite Glock Service Pistol, or GGSP.

Davidson’s collaborated with Glock, Holosun, and Gunsite Academy of Arizona to bring an exclusive 9mm package to shooters. The G45 base features a direct-mounted Holosun optic and Gunsite logo engraved on the slide. (Photo credit: Davidson’s)

Starting with the very popular 9mm Glock 45 pistol, the exclusive package features a direct mount Holosun, Ameriglo suppressor-height sights, and a slide engraved with the Gunsite Academy logo. The Glock 45 base is a great start with a compact crossover pistol in 9mm. The pistol has a compact slide with a full-size frame and all the Gen 5 Glock trimmings.

“GLOCK is very pleased to collaborate with Gunsite and Davidson’s to provide the Gunsite GLOCK Service Pistol to meet the needs of those that prefer an optic-equipped, high capacity, striker-fired pistol”, said Bob Radecki, National Sales Manager for Glock. “Gunsite, GLOCK, and Davidson’s are leaders in their fields of endeavor and the features chosen for this pistol reflect that leadership and insight.”

GGSP with magazines
In the package along with the optic are Ameriglo suppressor-height sights and three 17-round magazines. The full-sized frame and compact slide make this package a sure thing in the right hands. [Photo credit: Davidson’s]

The GGSP pistol, taking the design and engineering for the G19X and combining it with law enforcement specs, has a Glock Marksman barrel and a double stack magazine. The trigger in the GGSP boasts the Glock factory minus connector that reduces the trigger pull weight down to 4.5 pounds and reportedly makes it smoother. Additionally, the GGSP has enhanced texture for better handling, a reversible magazine catch, ambi slide stop lever, and the Modular Backstrap System (MBS) to customize the fit of the pistol in the shooter’s hand.

The GGSP features a direct-mounted Holosun red dot optic, specifically the HE509T-RD X2. For this, the slide has been milled to accept the optic and not just a mounting plate, which Glock only does for LE or Military clients. The Holosun optic has a titanium housing, up to 50k house of battery life, shake-awake technology, and a multi-reticle system. Between the Ameriglo suppressor-height sights and the Holosun, the GGSP is a sure thing in the right hands.

To round out the GGSP package is the FBI rounded magazine release and three 17-round magazines. The whole GGSP package from Davidson’s carries an MSRP of $1274.99