Fierce Firearms Updated Rogue Rifles

Building off its popular line of rifles, Fierce Firearms has developed updated models of the Rogue family. The updated models have lightweight designs, Fierce’s Dual-Lug action, and the updated lighter Rogue stocks.

Fierce Firearms has updated its Rogue line of popular bolt-action rifles. The updated rifles are available in the CT and Carbon Rogue models. (Photo credit; Fierce Firearms)

CT Rogue

The first in line to get the upgrade is the CT Rogue. According to Fierce Firearms, this is the most affordable, lightweight accurate rifle on the market. It features the 2-Lug titanium action that has a Cerakote finish, along with a Fierce C3 carbon barrel that has a .75 MOA accuracy guarantee. The CT Rogue also features QD flush cup mounts and an improved integral bi-pod rail with front access.

The CT Rogue is available in a myriad of calibers starting at .22 Creedmoor up through .300 PRC. The rifle has a starting weight of 5.4 pounds for the Short Action rifles and 5.7 pounds for the Long Action rifles. Pricing for the Fierce Firearms CT Rogue starts at $2,599 and goes up depending on which options are included.

Carbon Rogue

The Carbon Rogue rifle is being touted as the most affordable, lightweight accurate carbon barrel rifle, according to Fierce Firearms. The Carbon Rogue has a lot of the updated features that the CT Rogue also has, with the exception of the action. While the Carbon Rogue has the same Fierce 2-Lug action as the CT Rogue, the Carbon Rogue has a stainless steel action.

The Carbon Rogue also still has the hand lapped C3 Carbon barrel and carbon fiber Rogue stock. The lightweight and ergonomic design of the LR negative comb design keeps things sleek and easy to manage. The Carbon Rogue rifle has a starting price tag of $2,199.

Fierce Firearms Mini-Rogue rifle
A part of the updated line of Rogue rifles is the CT Mini and the Carbon Mini rifles which are specifically designed for youth and lady shooters. (Photo: Fierce Firearms)

CT Mini Rogue

With the model upgrades, Fierce Firearms created a smaller version of the popular rifles specifically designed for youth and lady shooters. The Mini version of the CT Rogue has all the same great features as the original CT Rogue with a minor adjustment. The length of pull has been reduced and it includes extra spacers for additional adjustments.

The CT Mini Rogue from Fierce Firearms is available in all the calibers as the CT Rogue rifles and comes with the CT Mini Rogue stock that is lightweight and streamlined. The CT Mini Rogue has a .75 MOA accuracy guarantee and a price starting at $2,950.Carbon Mini Rogue

Like the CT Mini Rogue counterpart, the Carbon Mini Rogue rifle was designed with the youth and lady shooters in mind. It has the reliable Fierce Dual-Lug action with the lightweight Mini-Rogue stock. The Carbon Mini Rogue has a shorter length of pull, just 12.75”, like the CT Mini Rogue, and has the adjustable comb that comes stock on the rifle.

The Fierce Firearms Carbon Mini Rogue features the improved integral bipod rail, adjustable Bix’N Andy Dakota adjustable trigger, and QD flush cup mounts, just like the rest of the updated Rogue firearms. The Carbon Mini Rogue has a base price of $2,550.