Sig’s FOXTROT2 Weapon Light – The Mag Life

The versatile Sig FOXTROT2 weapon-mounted light is for the user that wants maximum output and maximum adjustability at their fingertips, with 580 lumens, 13,000 Candela, and programmable to three user-defined modes: Momentary, Latching, and Threshold Mode.

The Sig FOXTROT2 weapon-mounted light was designed with versatility for the user that wants max output at their fingertips with 580 Lumens and 13,000 Candela.

For those that may not know, the distinction between Lumens and Candela ratings is explained that the Candela output is what will be registered in the middle of the dot of the flashlight, while the Lumen rating is for the flood portion of the light.

SIG FOXTROT2 Features:

  • 580 lumens
  • 13,000 candela
  • Powered by 1 CR123 battery, loaded via a removable bezel with lockout mode
  • Programmable activation with 3 user-defined modes; momentary, latching, and threshold mode
  • 4 interchangeable paddle designs for user-customized activation
  • 4-position sliding rail; interface inserts for maximum adjustment range on the firearm
  • Assembled in the USA

Additionally, the user can adjust the SIG FOXTROT2 on the rail using the supplied 4-Position Sliding Rail Interface insert for adjustments at the range while the firearm, or with the compatible Glock insert. This comes in handy to custom fit the light to your thumb placement on your handgun for better ergonomics.

FOXTROT2 adjustable rail
The FOXTROT2 from Sig Sauer is mounted on an M1913 or Sig interface, or it has an interface for mounting on a Glock. Additionally, it has adjustability on the rail for four different positions.

The FOXTROT2 mounts to any Picatinny 1913, Sig Sauer proprietary, or Glock rails with no need for adapters or cross-slot modifications. Ambidextrous Activation Paddles, which there are four different options to choose from, to power the ultra-efficient white LED runs up to one hour on a single CR123 battery.

The rail-mounted light is ideal for home defense, law enforcement, or military applications and should fit most holsters designed for handgun lights.

FOXTROT ambi knob
The slim FOXTROT2 light has ambidextrous buttons (with four options to choose from in the box) for extra ergonomic options and runs on one CR123 battery.

Compatible with all compact & full-size SIG SAUER pistols including:

  • P320 Compact, XCOMPACT, XCARRY, XFIVE, Full-size, Carry (not Sub-Compact)
  • M17, M18
  • P226 & MK-25 (with accessory rail)
  • P229 (with accessory rail)
  • P220 (with accessory rail)
  • SP2022 (with accessory rail)
  • 1911 (with accessory rail)
  • MCX, MPX, 516, 716, M400 with Picatinny rail

The Sig FOXTROT2 weapon light retails for $160.99.