Thunder Beast ULTRA-based FLY 9 — Modular 9mm Sound Suppression

Suppressor maker Thunder Beast took the philosophy from its popular ULTRA series and applied it to a 9mm suppressor—make a high-performance suppressor as light and compact as possible. What they came up with is known as the FLY 9 suppressor.

Thunder Beast took the tried-and-true concept from its ULTRA series and applied it to the 9mm platform, creating the FLY 9 suppressor, a high-performance light-weight pistol suppressor.

According to Thunder Beast, the FLY 9 has two configurable lengths—long and short.

Fly 9 Suppressor — Long Configuration

The “Long” length is shorter than everyone else’s modular suppressor’s “Long” configuration, but just as quiet (and often quieter) than the best in this class.

The FLY 9 suppressor’s Long configuration is lighter by at least 20%, in many cases 35% or even 50% than other full-size 9mm suppressors. It weighs only 7.9 ounces in Long configuration, and that includes the booster, piston, and spring. The Long configuration at 7.0 inches is the same length or shorter than many others’ “Short” setups, but quieter.

FLY 9 suppressor pieces
The FLY 9 suppressor from Thunder Beast is a user-configurable length suppressor with a Short and Long option. According to TB, even in the Long configuration, the FLY 9 is shorter and just as quiet (if not quieter) than competitor’s models.

Fly 9 Suppressor — Short Configuration

In its Short configuration, the FLY 9 is reportedly shorter and lighter than other competitors’ suppressors. Including the piston, it is 4.4″ long, which will typically add about 4.0″ to the OAL of the pistol. It weighs only 5.5 ounces, and that includes a 17-4 steel piston (1/2-28 for weight reference). Thunder Beast had sound levels taken at the muzzle and at the ear under 140 dB when using ammo such as “HUSH” or “STELTH”.


  • Material: Titanium with 17-4 stainless piston
  • Caliber rated: 9mm, .300 Blackout, .350 Legend
  • Length (including piston): 4.4 inches (Short configuration), 7.0 inches (Long configuration)
  • Diameter: 1.39 inches
  • Weight (including piston): 5.5 ounces (Short), 7.9 ounces (Long)
  • Mounts: ½-28 piston and booster includes a fixed spacer
  • Finishes: Black Cerakote with OD Green or FDE available
The Short configuration of the FLY 9, shown here on a Sig MPX, adds just 4” of OAL to the platform and 5.5 ounces.

The FLY 9 is rated for .300 Blackout Supersonic ammunition from 8-inch and longer barrels, and .300 Blackout Subsonic ammunition from 5.5-inch barrels and longer. The FLY 9 is also rated for 350 Legend from 16″ barrels and longer.

Strength is one of the FLY 9 key attributes. Thunder Beast uses a rigid test regimen consisting of three 32-round Glock magazines fired from a select-fire subgun: the first two mags on bursts, and the last mag on full auto. They torture tested the suppressor for 30 cycles and it was perfect afterward, according to Thunder Beast.

Thunder Beast FLY 9 on Glock 43X
The Long configuration of the FLY 9 suppressor, shown here on a Glock 43X, is 7.9 ounces and 7 inches long. The suppressor is touted as one of the strongest having gone through Thunder Beast’s rigorous torture tests.

The FLY 9 ships with a 1/2-28 piston and a fixed barrel spacer (spring replacement). For high-temperature durability, Thunder Beast uses specially-made 17-7 wave springs in the booster. It is compatible with the Rugged/Griffin/SilencerCo/TBAC standard pistons. The FLY 9 suppressor has an MSRP of $1,180.


  • 100% titanium body construction
  • “Tubeless” construction
  • Hard-use / full-auto ratings for 9mm
  • 360-degree fully-welded baffle core
  • .300 Blackout, Subs, and Full power rated