Unity Tactical AXON: Let There Be Light

Odds are good you have a light or laser on your long gun, and if you do, you’re probably familiar with the issue of remote controls. The switches, paddles, and levers for aftermarket accessories like these sometimes work well and sometimes do not, and if you have separate switches, it can get frustrating. Unity Tactical is working to solve this problem with the AXON, a switch for accessories that is designed to make it easy to tell the difference between controls without looking, thanks to tactile differences. The AXON is a great product for long gun shooters, especially those focused on defensive applications.

The Unity Tactical Axon is a remote switch that provides varying tactile feels for light and laser switches. (Photo credit: Unity Tactical)

Unity Tactical designed the AXON to be the top-performing remote switch design on the market for weapon-mounted accessories such as lights and lasers. AXON offers users control and instant access to their lights and lasers, all in a single, compact housing. And, of course, the housing of the AXON is made to withstand rigorous use.

The design and creation of this product is the direct result of operational feedback from professional end-users. This switch allows lights and lasers to be controlled from individual buttons and versions are available for many popular models on the market. The unique design of the AXON includes tactile differentiation between the two buttons, meaning there’s far less confusion when the switch cannot be seen due to lighting or an evolving situation.

The light button, which is angled, features a switch that controls both momentary and continuous activation. As for the laser button, it has a momentary-only button but does support the double-click-for-constant-on feature.

axon light switch
The AXON weighs 1.6 ounces and won’t add unnecessary bulk to your rifle. (Photo credit: Unity Tactical)

Standard AXON models are made with each button controlling specific devices independently of one another. The company’s SYNC models are designed to run the laser independently with the light button operating the light and laser at the same time. NGAL variants operate in a SYNC capacity and have a visible override feature as well. The product’s standard configuration has a seven-inch cable length.

This product is designed to mount directly to a Picatinny rail and takes up seven rail slots. The Rail Clamps feature pass-throughs for zip ties. The AXON can also be mounted directory to M-LOK using the optional AXON M-LOK Mounting Kit.

Unity Tactical AXON
The AXON is designed to be compact and to simplify controlling lights and lasers without looking. (Photo credit: Unity Tactical)

Features of the Unity Tactical AXON include:

  • Compatible with SureFire, NATO Crace-Spec Port, and NGAL (LA-23/PEQ). Other variations are available upon request.
  • Mounts to Picatinny rail but can also be mounted to M-LOK utilizing the related mounting kit.
  • Measures 1.16 x 2.70 x 0.96 inches.
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces, so it doesn’t affect weapon balance or weight.
  • Made from high-impact polymer for durability and resistance to wear.
  • Standard seven-inch cable length although longer cables are available upon request.
  • Available in black or Flat Dark Earth.
Unity Tactical AXON light switch
The controls for the light and laser are separate and offer entirely different tactile surfaces. (Photo credit: Unity Tactical)

MSRP for the Unity Tactical AXON starts at $154.00.