DRD Tactical Sub-6 Hybrid AR-15/AK-47 Rifles — Best of Both Worlds?

Hybrid rifles that give gun owners the best of both worlds can be a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection. And when it comes to AR-15 and AK-47 hybrids, the DRD Tactical Sub-6 is worth a closer look. The DRD Tactical Sub-6 blends the two platforms to offer everything you want in a single rifle.—

The DRD Tactical Sub-6 is a hybrid AR-15/AK-47 rifle that’s available exclusively through Zanders Sporting Goods. (Photo credit: Zanders Sporting Goods)

From DRD Tactical on their Sub-6 rifle:

The AR15 meets the AK47 with this super lightweight mashup. Coming in at just under six pounds, it has steel in all the right places to offer solid, rugged construction in an impressively light design. Built from the ground up, every feature was redesigned with superior performance in mind. The lower receiver features an integrated 1913 picatinny rail on the butt plate, with a side-folding Magpul buttstock securely mounted to the rear rail. Fire with the stock folded if you please. The new bolt with dovetailed gas key incorporates rail slots to eliminate BCG tilt and reduces friction for unbelievably smooth, efficient cycling that runs cleaner than standard AR systems. The barrel extension provides better lockup utilizing a trunnion system composed of steel on steel vs. steel on aluminum, which increases strength while reducing wear.

This rifle has a 16 and 1/4 inch barrel and is chambered in 5.56 NATO, meaning shooters can run either 5.56 NATO or 223 Remington through it. Its Picatinny rail extends the length of the handguard, so it’s easy to add aftermarket accessories and optics, and the folding stock allows for greater portability. At just under six pounds, empty, the Sub-6 is a lightweight, highly maneuverable rifle designed for versatility. Whether you’re interested in home defense, a new truck gun, or just want a rifle to shoot at the range, the Sub-6 is a good option.

The DRD Tactical Sub-6 in blue, Ghost, and Sandstone.
The DRD Tactical Sub-6 is offered in four colors including black, blue, Ghost, and Sandstone. (Photo credit: Zanders Sporting Goods)

The Sub-6 is available in black, blue, Ghost, and Sandstone. Controls are designed to be easy to manipulate. The folding stock is 5-position adjustable, meaning the rifle can be adjusted to better fit the shooter, and the gun’s bolt design makes it more reliable and improves accuracy. This rifle is available exclusively through Zanders Sporting Goods.

DRD Tactical Sub-6 rifle
The DRD Tactical Sub-6 rifle is available only from Zanders Sporting Goods. (Photo credit: Zanders Sporting Goods)


  • Operation: Semi-Automatic Proprietary Direct Impingement Gas Piston Operating System
  • Finish: Black Hard Coat Anodized (Cerakote Options Available)
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO/223 Remington
  • Carbine Length Gas System
  • Barrel Length: 16 1/4 inch
  • Twist Rate: 1 in 7 inches
  • Thread Pitch: 1/2 x 28
  • Flash Hider: A2 Style
  • Capacity: 30 +1, includes (1) 30 Round Magpul PMAG
  • Trigger: Sandard combat, 4.5lb pull
  • Buttstock: Magpul Zhukov-S (5-position; folding stock; polymer buttstock; custom DRD aluminum Picatinny adapter

MSRP for the DRD Tactical Sub-6 is listed as $2350 for black with no mention of differing price points for other colors. To check it out for yourself, visit Zanders Sporting Goods.