FAB Defense GL-CORE Impact Tactical Stock

FAB Defense has given the AR-15 aftermarket buttstock market another option with its tactical GL-CORE Impact stock. With its exposed shock-absorbing spring, this new buttstock has a look that sets it apart from the rest of the market.

The collapsible, durable, and lightweight tactical AR-15 stock is purpose-made to withstand all weather conditions thanks to the fiberglass-reinforced polymer composite construction. To help secure the stock from the rattle, it has two unique anti-rattle pieces that hold the stock tight to the AR-15 tube. Yes, both those pieces come in the box from FAB Defense.

FAB Defense has given the market another tactical option with its GL-CORE Impact buttstock. The stock is constructed from a fiberglass polymer composite to make it durable and lightweight. (Photo credit: FAB Defense)

The FAB Defense stock has an exposed spring that is part of the recoil-reducing mechanism. The recoil spring is connected inside the tube and holds the whole mechanism in position. It works when the firearm is shot, like any other AR15, the buffer tube goes back into the stock. But when the buffer tube slides back, the spring part of the GL-CORE Impact buttstock compresses and absorbs the recoil of the system.

According to FAB Defense, the GL-CORE Impact stock is adjustable and has interchangeable buffer tube adapters for use with all AR-15/M4, MIL-SPEC, and commercial buffer tubes. A rubber butt pad and angled toe are on the end of the buttstock to prevent slipping on the shoulder. The pad is shaped to fit on the shoulder better and supposedly increases the maneuverability of the weapon.

Close-up of spring from GL-CORE
The exposed spring design of the GL-CORE Impact helps demonstrate how the spring absorbs the recoil from the rifle when shot. [Photo credit: FAB Defense]

The GL-CORE Impact from FAB Defense also features two integral quick-detach rear sling swivel connectors, an inverse positioning lever (so no accidental opening), and an optional integrated cheek weld for an overall compact and sleek design. It is available in Matte Black, Olive Drab Green, and Flat Dark Earth.

The GL-CORE impact buttstock is available with an MSRP of $105, with additional options for $18 for the adjustable cheek rest and $12 for the sling swivel.