Max Venom MXP-DW: Handgun Innovation

If you own a handgun you’ve probably spent some time checking out the various aftermarket accessories made for it. There’s a lot out there and each product has a different degree of usefulness. The Max Venom MXP-DW is an accessory made with versatility in mind, and according to the manufacturer, it delivers. The MXP-DW allows handgun owners to customize their guns with a PDW-style chassis without significantly altering their current setup. The part is also useful as a daily carry accessory. 

The Max Venom MXP-DW is a versatile aftermarket accessory designed to broaden your handgun use while remaining useful for daily carry. (Photo credit: Max Venom)

According to Max Venom, the MXP-DW is easily attached, quickly removed, and offers multiple uses. As mentioned above, it’s made for shooters who might want a PDW setup on their handgun but don’t want to dramatically alter the way their gun is currently set up. The manufacturer states that one of the big downfalls of standard PDW chassis systems is that they make it impossible for the user to keep their red dot sight on their gun. In addition, extra tools and parts are frequently needed to keep the system attached to the handgun. Not so with the Max Venom MXP-DW.

Max Venom MXP-DW chassis system attachment device
The MXP-DW can be used as a chassis system or magazine holster. (Photo credit: Max Venom)

This system is made for two uses: as a PDW-style chassis or for holding spare magazines for your daily carry gun. To use it on a Glock 17, which it is compatible with, load a 32-round magazine into the gun. Use a 32-round +20 extended PCC magazine as the extension piece you use to control the gun. For carry, the MXP-DW can hold two mags, one that’s 32 rounds and one that’s 17.

Max Venom states the general outline of the system is similar to the footprint of a Glock 17, making it comfortable to carry and easy to conceal. When being used as a holster holder it can be worn IWB or AIWB.

the mxp dw with a glock
The above image shows a Glock alongside the accompanying MXP-DW with magazines inserted for chassis use. (Photo credit: Max Venom)

Features of the MXP-DW include:

  • Works as an IWB/AIWB spare magazine carry holster when not in use as a chassis system.
  • As a holster, increases self-defense capability quickly thanks to the presence of spare magazines.
  • Easily increases the quantity of ammo being carried.
  • A fantastic counter-balance device when shooting suppressed offhand or using shooting sticks.
  • When used as a chassis, the device provides a solid stabilizing 3rd point of contact.
  • Easy to stow when not in use.
  • Cost-effective, easy-to-use system, especially when compared to complex systems on the market.
  • No tools needed for installation and can be attached to your gun in a matter of seconds.
suppressed Glock with chassis
If you shoot suppressed, the MXP-DW can be a great stabilizing device. (Photo credit: Max Venom)

The MXP-DW ships with the device needed to connect the extended magazines for use as a chassis, or to use a stand-alone magazine holster. It does not ship with any magazines or tools, since the latter isn’t needed and the former is something the user needs to acquire separately. When buying this product, take your state’s potential magazine capacity restrictions into consideration.

MSRP for the Max Venom MXP-DW is set at $98.00.