Strike Industries: New Glock 19 Extended Magazine Plate

The Glock 19. It’s basically a smaller sized G17 known for it’s concealability and reliability. Some proponents say it’s the epitome of the modern combat pistol. Others point out that it’s the preferred duty weapon for law enforcement around the country. In fact, it’s also used by the military and Intelligence communities as well as an abiding favorite in the defensive shooting crowd. The gun’s capacity is impressive, with standard factory double-stack mags that hold 15 rounds, and even that can be more-than doubled with the 33-round magazines. But what if you want to add just a few more rounds…steering clear of the long-ish 33-round model? Well, now Strike Industries has a new offering that gets you that moderately higher capacity with their new Glock 19 Extended Magazine Plate.

Strike Industries is calling them Extended Magazine Plates. We’re kinda used to calling accessories like this, magazine extensions. No matter. Whatever you call them, they add plus five rounds to G19 OEM double-stack mags.

They’re offered in three different colors, as you can see in the photos. Likely, if you’re looking to maintain concealment, you probably won’t want to go with red. But then, if you’re working toward a patriotic aesthetic, then maybe the red would be perfect?

Strike Industries Glock 19 magazine extensions
They’re available in Black, Red, and FDE. Which would you choose?
Glock 19 Strike Industries extended magazine baseplate
I can’t help wondering how much, if any, difference would these mag extensions make in concealment and printing through cover garments? This might just be the sweet spot for some foks. 

Here’s how Strike Industries describes these new extensions, in their own words:

The Strike Industries Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK G19 (9mm) was designed to provide smoother magazine reloading through a slow drag / no snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) adds plus 5 9mm rounds to OEM double stack GLOCK G19 magazines. Following the success of our EMP systems for pistols, the form factor and unique geometric design gives a unified and aggressive aesthetic look to your GLOCK G19. Included is an aluminum plate which adds extra locking security. Give your GLOCK pistol the extra rounds it deserves with the Strike Industries Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) for GLOCK G19 (9mm).

Glock 19 Extended Magazine Plate Features

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Plus 5 round capacity for 9mm
  • Includes aluminum locking plate
  • Low drag / no snag design
  • Fits USPSA 140mm race division limit
  • Available in anodized SI Black, Red or FDE colors

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 48.35mm (1.90″)
  • Width: 28.51mm (1.12″)
  • Height: 34.86mm (1.37″)
  • Weight: 1.9 oz
  • Weight w/pkg: 2.4 oz

Compatible with: 

  • Glock factory OEM G19 (9mm) double stack magazines
  • Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip
  • ETS Magazines that are over 10 rounds. Please note we cannot control or even be aware if ETS ever changes their design and the SI EMP no longer is compatible
  • Magwell: tested to work with Strike Industries magwells

Not compatible with:

  • G23 (.40 Cal)
  • 10-round magazines

Package Contents

  • Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK G19
  • Extended length spring
  • Aluminum locking plate
  • Aluminum locking plate set screw (M3x8mm)
  • Hex tool
  • Warning card

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